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2013Y-Chromosome and mtDNA genetics reveal significant contrasts in affinities of modern Middle Eastern populations with European and African populationsBadro, D.; Douaihy, B.; Haber, M.; Youhanna, S.; Salloum, A.; Ghassibe-Sabbagh, M.; Johnsrud, B.; Khazen, G.; Matisoo-Smith, E.; Soria-Hernanz, D.; Wells, R.; Tyler-Smith, C.; Platt, D.; Zalloua, P.
2013Differential effects of endurance training and weight loss on plasma adiponectin multimers and adipose tissue macrophages in younger, moderately overweight menAuerbach, P.; Nordby, P.; Bendtsen, L.Q.; Mehlsen, J.L.; Basnet, S.K.; Vestergaard, H.; Ploug, T.; Stallknecht, B.
2013Sensitive detection of pre-existing BCR-ABL kinase domain mutations in CD34+ cells of newly diagnosed chronic-phase chronic myeloid leukemia patients is associated with imatinib resistance: implications in the post-imatinib eraIqbal, Z.; Aleem, A.; Iqbal, M.; Naqvi, M.; Gill, A.; Taj, A.; Qayyum, A.; ur-Rehman, N.; Khalid, A.; Shah, I.; Khalid, M.; Haq, R.; Khan, M.; Baig, S.; Jamil, A.; Abbas, M.; Absar, M.; Mahmood, A.; Rasool, M.; Akhtar, T.
2013Computational approaches to identify functional genetic variants in cancer genomesGonzalez-Perez, A.; Mustonen, V.; Reva, B.; Ritchie, G.; Creixell, P.; Karchin, R.; Vazquez, M.; Fink, J.; Kassahn, K.; Pearson, J.; Bader, G.; Boutros, P.; Muthuswamy, L.; Ouellette, B.; Reimand, J.; Linding, R.; Shibata, T.; Valencia, A.; Butler, A.; Dronov, S.; et al.
2013Common chromosomal fragile site FRA16D tumor suppressor WWOX gene expression and metabolic reprograming in cellsDayan, S.; O'Keefe, L.; Choo, A.; Richards, R.
2013The Guinea Pig as a model for sporadic Alzheimer's Disease (AD): the impact of cholesterol intake on expression of AD-related genesSharman, M.; Moussavi Nik, S.; Chen, M.; Ong, D.; Wijaya, L.; Laws, S.; Taddei, K.; Newman, M.; Lardelli, M.; Martins, R.; Verdile, G.
2013Contribution of copy number variants involving nonsense-mediated mRNA decay pathway genes to neuro-developmental disordersNguyen, L.; Kim, H.; Rosenfeld, J.; Shen, Y.; Gusella, J.; Lacassie, Y.; Layman, L.; Shaffer, L.; Gecz, J.
2013MLL2 mutation detection in 86 patients with Kabuki syndrome: a genotype-phenotype studyMakrythanasis, P.; van Bon, B.; Steehouwer, M.; Rodríguez-Santiago, B.; Simpson, M.; Dias, P.; Anderlid, B.; Arts, P.; Bhat, M.; Augello, B.; Biamino, E.; Bongers, E.; del Campo, M.; Cordeiro, I.; Cueto-González, A.; Cuscó, I.; Deshpande, C.; Frysira, E.; Izatt, L.; Flores, R.; et al.
2013Influence of aromatase absence on the gene expression and histology of the mouse meibomian glandRahimi Darabad, R.; Suzuki, T.; Richards, S.; Jensen, R.; Jakobiec, F.; Zakka, F.; Liu, S.; Sullivan, D.
2013The development of an in vivo γ-secretase assay using zebrafish embryosWilson, L.; Lardelli, M.