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2018Ecological complexity buffers the impacts of future climate on marine consumersGoldenberg, S.; Nagelkerken, I.; Marangon, E.; Bonnet, A.; Ferreira, C.; Connell, S.
2016The 'Great Southern Reef': social, ecological and economic value of Australia's neglected kelp forestsBennett, S.; Wernberg, T.; Connell, S.; Hobday, A.; Johnson, C.; Poloczanska, E.; 10th International Temperate Reefs Symposium (12 Jan 2014 - 17 Jan 2014 : Perth, W.A.)
2014Misconceptions about analyses of Australian seaweed collectionsWernberg, T.; Russell, B.; Bradshaw, C.; Gurgel, C.; Thomsen, M.; Poloczanska, E.; Connell, S.
2002Why do floating structures create novel habitats for subtidal epibiota?Holloway, M.; Connell, S.
2001Urban structures as marine habitats: an experimental comparison of the composition and abundance of subtidal epibiota among pilings, pontoons and rocky reefsConnell, S.
2014Herbivory mediates the expansion of an algal habitat under nutrient and CO₂ enrichmentFalkenberg, L.; Connell, S.; Russell, B.
2016Design and performance evaluation of a mesocosm facility and techniques to simulate ocean acidification and warmingFalkenberg, L.; Russell, B.; Connell, S.
2015Acid dulls the senses: impaired locomotion and foraging performance in a marine molluscLeung, J.; Russell, B.; Connell, S.; Ng, J.; Lo, M.
2015Trophic compensation reinforces resistance: herbivory absorbs the increasing effects of multiple disturbancesGhedini, G.; Russell, B.; Connell, S.
2018The duality of ocean acidification as a resource and a stressorConnell, S.; Doubleday, Z.; Foster, N.; Hamlyn, S.; Harley, C.; Helmuth, B.; Kelaher, B.; Nagelkerken, I.; Rodgers, K.; Sarà, G.; Russell, B.