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2012Macroalgae and temperate rocky reefsWernberg, T.; Smale, D.; Verges, A.; Campbell, A.; Russell, B.; Coleman, M.; Ling, S.; Steinberg, P.; Johnson, C.; Kendrick, G.; Connell, S.; Poloczanska, E.; Hobday, A.; Richardson, A.
2014Shared patterns of species turnover between seaweeds and seed plants break down at increasing distances from the seaGurgel, C.; Wernberg, T.; Thomsen, M.; Russell, B.; Adam, P.; Waters, J.; Connell, S.
2015Ocean acidification through the lens of ecological theoryGaylord, B.; Kroeker, K.; Sunday, J.; Anderson, K.; Barry, J.; Brown, N.; Connell, S.; Dupont, S.; Fabricius, K.; Hall-Spencer, J.; Klinger, T.; Milazzo, M.; Munday, P.; Russell, B.; Sanford, E.; Schreiber, S.; Thiyagarajan, V.; Vaughan, M.; Widdicombe, S.; Harley, C.
2014Misconceptions about analyses of Australian seaweed collectionsWernberg, T.; Russell, B.; Bradshaw, C.; Gurgel, C.; Thomsen, M.; Poloczanska, E.; Connell, S.
2014Herbivory mediates the expansion of an algal habitat under nutrient and CO₂ enrichmentFalkenberg, L.; Connell, S.; Russell, B.
2016Design and performance evaluation of a mesocosm facility and techniques to simulate ocean acidification and warmingFalkenberg, L.; Russell, B.; Connell, S.
2015Acid dulls the senses: impaired locomotion and foraging performance in a marine molluscLeung, J.; Russell, B.; Connell, S.; Ng, J.; Lo, M.
2015Trophic compensation reinforces resistance: herbivory absorbs the increasing effects of multiple disturbancesGhedini, G.; Russell, B.; Connell, S.
2018The duality of ocean acidification as a resource and a stressorConnell, S.; Doubleday, Z.; Foster, N.; Hamlyn, S.; Harley, C.; Helmuth, B.; Kelaher, B.; Nagelkerken, I.; Rodgers, K.; Sarà, G.; Russell, B.
2015Valuing coastal water quality: Adelaide, South Australia metropolitan areaHatton MacDonald, D.; Ardeshiri, A.; Rose, J.; Russell, B.; Connell, S.