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19982.5-D modelling of seismic wave propagation: Boundary condition, stability criterion and efficiencyCao, S.; Greenhalgh, Stewart A.
19963-D, 40Ar-39Ar geochronology in the Paranà continental flood basalt provinceStewart, Kathy; Turner, Simon; Kelley, Simon P.; Hawkesworth, Chris; Kirstein, Linda; Mantovani, Marta
20123D geological modeling of the Trujillo block: insights for crustal escape models of the Venezuelan AndesDhont, D.; Monod, B.; Hervouët, Y.; Backé, G.; Klarica, S.; Choy, J.
2007A 3D lithospheric electrical resistivity model of the Gawler Craton, Southern AustraliaMaier, R.; Heinson, G.; Thiel, S.; Selway, K.; Gill, R.; Scroggs, M.
20193D meteoroid trajectoriesSansom, E.; Jansen-Sturgeon, T.; Rutten, M.G.; Devillepoix, H.; Bland, P.; Howie, R.; Cox, M.; Towner, M.; Cupák, M.; Hartig, B.
20183D seismic analysis investigating the relationship between stratigraphic architecture and structural activity in the intra-cratonic Cooper and Eromanga basins, AustraliaKulikowski, D.; Amrouch, K.
201250 years of different landscape management influencing retention of metals in soilsChrastný, V.; Komárek, M.; Procházka, J.; Pechar, L.; Vaněk, A.; Penížek, V.; Farkaš, J.
2014The abagong apatite-rich magnetite deposit in the chinese altay orogenic belt: a Kiruna-type iron depositChai, F.; Yang, F.; Liu, F.; Santosh, M.; Geng, X.; Li, Q.; Liu, G.
2012An abrupt change in Nd isotopic composition in Australian basins at 1655 Ma: Implications for the tectonic evolution of Australia and its place in NUNALambeck, A.; Hatch, K.; Gibson, G.; Huston, D.; Pisarevsky, S.
2014Accretionary complexes in the Asia-Pacific region: tracing archives of ocean plate stratigraphy and tracking mantle plumesSafonova, I.; Santosh, M.
2018Active faulting geometry and stress pattern near complex strike-slip systems along the Maghreb region: constraints on active convergence in the Western MediterraneanSoumaya, A.; Ben Ayed, N.; Rajabi, M.; Meghraoui, M.; Delvaux, D.; Kadri, A.; Ziegler, M.; Maouche, S.; Braham, A.
2011Actual evapotranspiration estimation by ground and remote sensing methods: the Australian experienceGlenn, E.; Doody, T.; Guerschman, J.; Huete, A.; King, E.; Mcvicar, T.; Van Dijk, A.; Van Niel, T.; Yebra, M.; Zhang, Y.
2010Adakitic rocks from slab melt-modified mantle sources in the continental collision zone of southern TibetGao, Y.; Yang, Z.; Santosh, M.; Hou, Z.; Wei, R.; Tian, S.
2017Adoption of HPAI biosecurity measures: the Chinese broiler industryHUANG, Z.; Loch, A.; Findlay, C.; WANG, J.
2008Advancing the emerging field of hydropedologyLin, H.; Singha, K.; Chittleborough, D.; Vogel, H.; Mooney, S.
1995Aeromagnetic images of the Acraman impact structureWilliams, G.; Boyd, D.; Schmidt, P.
2002Age and biostratigraphy of Early Cambrian tuffs from SE Australia and southern ChinaJenkins, R. J.; Cooper, J. A.; Compston, W.
2001Age and metasomatic alteration of the Mt Neill Granite at Nooldoonooldoona Waterhole, Mt Painter Inlier, South AustraliaElburg, Marlina Augusta; Bons, Paul D.; Dougherty-Page, Jon Stanley; Janka, C. E.; Neumann, N. L.; Schaefer, B. F.
2015Age and origin of the Bulangshan and Mengsong granitoids and their significance for post-collisional tectonics in the Changning-Menglian Paleo-Tethys OrogenWang, C.; Deng, J.; Santosh, M.; Lu, Y.; McCuaig, T.; Carranza, E.; Wang, Q.
2007Age and sedimentary provenance of the Southern Granulites South India: U-Th-PbSHRIMP secondary ion mass spectrometryCollins, A.; Santosh, M.; Braun, I.; Clark, C.