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2001Evaluating constructivist based methods to teach senior undergraduate geoscience classesClark, I.; Zeegers, Y.; James, P. R.; Research & Development into University Science Teaching & Learning Workshop (20 April 2001 : Sydney, Australia)
2001The effects of sludge and green manure on hydraulic conductivity and aggregation in pyritic mine tailings materialsHarris, M. A.; Megharaj, M.
2001Bioremediation of acid mine drainage using decomposable plant material in a constant flow bioreactorHarris, M. A.; Ragusa, S. R.
2000Eocene spiculites and spongolites in southwestern Australia: Not deep, not polar, but shallow and warmGammon, Paul R.; James, Noel P.; Pisera, Andrjez
2001Long-term thermal consequences of tectonic activity at Mount Isa, Australia: Implications for polyphase tectonism in the ProterozoicMcLaren, Sandra N.; Sandiford, Michael Andrew
2001Pleistocene glass in the Australian desert: The case for an impact originHaines, Peter W.; Jenkins, Richard John Frank; Kelley, Simon P.
2001Modelling spatial variability using soil profiles in the Riverland of South AustraliaBrooker, Peter Ian
2002Age and biostratigraphy of Early Cambrian tuffs from SE Australia and southern ChinaJenkins, R. J.; Cooper, J. A.; Compston, W.
2000Geometric and kinematic evolution of asymmetric ductile shear zones in thrust sheets, southern Adelaide Fold-Thrust belt, South AustraliaYassaghi, A.; James, P. R.; Flottmann, Thomas
2001Analogue modelling of segregation and ascent of magmaBons, Paul D.; Elburg, Marlina Augusta; Dougherty-Page, Jon Stanley