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2014Population fluctuations affect inference in ecological networks of multi-species interactionsWells, K.; Feldhaar, H.; O'Hara, R.
2014Movement and ranging patterns of the Common Chaffinch in heterogeneous forest landscapesKubiczek, K.; Renner, S.; Boehm, S.; Kalko, E.; Wells, K.
2014Shifts from native to invasive small mammals across gradients from tropical forest to urban habitat in BorneoWells, K.; Lakim, M.; O'Hara, R.
2008Movement and ranging patterns of a tropical rat (Leopoldamys sabanus) in logged and unlogged rain forestsWells, K.; Kalko, E.K.V.; Lakim, M.B.; Pfeiffer, M.
2009Superb fairy-wren males aggregate into hidden leks to solicit extragroup fertilizations before dawnCockburn, A.; Dalziell, A.; Blackmore, C.; Double, M.; Kokko, H.; Osmond, H.; Beck, N.; Head, M.; Wells, K.
2012Environmental factors affect acidobacterial communities below the subgroup level in grassland and forest soilsNaether, A.; Foesel, B.; Naegele, V.; Wuest, P.; Weinert, J.; Bonkowski, M.; Alt, F.; Oelmann, Y.; Polle, A.; Lohaus, G.; Gockel, S.; Hemp, A.; Kalko, E.; Linsenmair, K.; Pfeiffer, S.; Renner, S.; Schoening, I.; Weisser, W.; Wells, K.; Fischer, M.; et al.
2015Timing and severity of immunizing diseases in rabbits is controlled by seasonal matching of host and pathogen dynamicsWells, K.; Brook, B.; Lacy, R.; Mutze, G.; Peacock, D.; Sinclair, R.; Schwensow, N.; Cassey, P.; O'Hara, R.; Fordham, D.
2016A landscape approach to invasive species managementLurgi, M.; Wells, K.; Kennedy, M.; Campbell, S.; Fordham, D.
2016Environmental effects and individual body condition drive seasonal fecundity of rabbits: identifying acute and lagged processesWells, K.; O Hara, R.; Cooke, B.; Mutze, G.; Prowse, T.; Fordham, D.
2013Interacting effects of fertilization, mowing and grazing on plant species diversity of 1500 grasslands in Germany differ between regionsSocher, S.A.; Prati, D.; Boch, S.; Müller, J.; Baumbach, H.; Gockel, S.; Hemp, A.; Schöning, I.; Wells, K.; Buscot, F.; Kalko, E.K.V.; Linsenmair, K.E.; Schulze, E.D.; Weisser, W.W.; Fischer, M.