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2019Part II/1 Group "A": 1. Gilbert Islands (General): from West Pacific High Commission Archives & other sources to 1869, see also no. 23, 30, 38-
2019Part II/1 Group "A": 10. Pitcairn Island (General)-
2019Part II/1 Group "A": 11. Naval Correspondence on the Guano Islands and the Peruvian Slave Trade (transcribed from microfilm) and notes from Ward's thesis on "Polynesian Emigration to Peru"-
2020Part II/1 Group "A": 12. Subject Filing (2) from miscellaneous sources.-
2020Part II/1 Group "A": 13. Boston Mission Correspondence: from American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions microfilms and other sources.-
2020Part II/1 Group "A": 14. Benjamin Boyd [sources]-
2020Part II/1 Group "A": 15. [Gilbert Islands] - extracts from Journals of voyages/visits to Pacific Islands-
2020Part II/1 Group "A": 16. [Gilbert Islands] Report on a cruise through the Western Pacific on board H.M.S. 'Espiegle', 18.5.83-3.10.83 by J.R. Le Hunte, Judicial Commissioner for the Western Pacific.-
2020Part II/1 Group "A": 17. Sandalwood-
2020Part II/1 Group "A": 18. Early Trade-
2020Part II/1 Group "A": 19. Polynesia - Eastern-
2019Part II/1 Group "A": 2. Islands: from Western Pacific High Commission Archives & other sources. Cook Islands (general), Northern Cook Islands, Palmerston Island, Suwarrow Island, Tokelau Islands, Marshall Islands, Caroline Islands, Tikopia Island-
2021Part II/1 Group "A": 20. Flags of the Pacific IslandsMaude, Harry
2020Part II/1 Group "A": 21. Indexes, microfilm contents lists & special bibliographies-
2020Part II/1 Group "A": 22. Charles St Julian, John Webster & Sikaiana.-
2021Part II/1 Group "A": 23. Gilbert Islands (General): from Western Pacific High Commission Archives & other sources 1870-1879.-
2021Part II/1 Group "A": 24 Pitcairn Island (General)-
2021Part II/1 Group "A": 25. Fiji, Tonga & Samoa-
2021Part II/1 Group "A": 26. Subject Filings (3): from miscellaneous sources-
2021Part II/1 Group "A": 28. Articles and papers-