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2022Part II/1 Group "A": 29. [[Translations of part of] E Sabatier]Maude, Henry (Harry); Sabatier, Ernest; Krämer, Augustin Friedrich
2019Part II/1 Group "A": 3. Subject filings (1): from Western Pacific High Commission Archives & other sources. Labour Trade, Hawaiian-Fiji relations, Western Pacific High Commission (General), Native Laws: Central Pacific Islands, Naval Matters (General), Biographical Data (by person).-
1882Part II/1 Group "A": 30. [Gilbert Islands: from Western Pacific High Commission Archives and other sources, 1880-1889.]-
1Part II/1 Group "A": 31. [Notes on manuscript collections...]-
1Part II/1 Group "A": 32. [Notes on the Line islands]-
1Part II/1 Group "A": 33. [Addresses + Reports: Personal]Maude, Henry (Harry)
1Part II/1 Group "A": 34. [Source material in United Kingdom Libraries: notes on. [not extracts]]Maude, Henry (Harry)
1Part II/1 Group "A": 35Bright, Aimee
1Part II/1 Group "A": 37-
1Part II/1 Group "A": 38-
1Part II/1 Group "A": 39-
2019Part II/1 Group "A": 4. Trade. Whaling, Beche-de-mer, Pearling, see also 17,18-
1Part II/1 Group "A": 40-
1Part II/1 Group "A": 41-
1Part II/1 Group "A": 42-
1Part II/1 Group "A": 43-
2019Part II/1 Group "A": 5. Islands (by Groups). Ellice Islands, Phoenix Islands, Nauru Island, miscellaneous islands.-
2019Part II/1 Group "A": 6: Guano Islands, see also 11-
2019Part II/1 Group "A": 7. The Tahitian Pork Trade 1800-1827. Vol. 1.-
1800Part II/1 Group "A": 8. The Tahitian Pork Trade 1800-1827. Vol. 2.-