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2023Mode-Locked and Tunable 3.5 µM Fiber Laser Using an Acousto-Optic ModulatorHenderson-Sapir, O.; Bawden, N.; Theodosiou, A.; Majewski, M.R.; Kalli, K.; Jackson, S.D.; Ottaway, D.J.
2023Ultra-high-resolution greyscale fluorescence images via UV-exposure of thin flexible phosphor filmsRiesen, N.; Priest, C.; Lancaster, D.G.; Badek, K.; Riesen, H.
2023Twisted Carbazole Dendrons for Solution-Processable Green Emissive Phosphorescent Dendrimers.Howell, S.A.; Koodalingam, M.; Jang, J.; Ranasinghe, C.S.K.; Gao, M.; Chu, R.; Babazadeh, M.; Huang, D.M.; Burn, P.L.; Shaw, P.E.; Puttock, E.V.
2023The catalytic activity and structure of the lipid metabolizing CYP124 cytochrome P450 enzyme from Mycobacterium marinum.Ghith, A.; Bruning, J.B.; Bell, S.G.
2023Engineering C–C Bond Cleavage Activity into a P450 Monooxygenase EnzymeMiller, J.C.; Lee, J.H.Z.; Mclean, M.A.; Chao, R.R.; Stone, I.S.J.; Pukala, T.L.; Bruning, J.B.; De Voss, J.J.; Schuler, M.A.; Sligar, S.G.; Bell, S.G.
2023The binding of nitrogen-donor ligands to the ferric and ferrous forms of cytochrome P450 enzymesMohamed, H.; Ghith, A.; Bell, S.G.
2023Moments and power corrections of longitudinal and transverse proton structure functions from lattice QCDBatelaan, M.; Can, K.U.; Hannaford-Gunn, A.; Horsley, R.; Nakamura, Y.; Perlt, H.; Rakow, P.E.L.; Schierholz, G.; Stüben, H.; Young, R.D.; Zanotti, J.M.
2023Measurement report: Understanding the seasonal cycle of Southern Ocean aerosolsHumphries, R.S.; Keywood, M.D.; Ward, J.P.; Harnwell, J.; Alexander, S.P.; Klekociuk, A.R.; Hara, K.; McRobert, I.M.; Protat, A.; Alroe, J.; Cravigan, L.T.; Miljevic, B.; Ristovski, Z.D.; Schofield, R.; Wilson, S.R.; Flynn, C.J.; Kulkarni, G.R.; Mace, G.G.; McFarquhar, G.M.; Chambers, S.D.; et al.
2023Tectono-Thermal Evolution of the Hope-Kelly Fault System, Southern Alps, New Zealand: Insights From Topographic Analysis and (U-Th)/He ThermochronologyVermeer, J.L.L.; Quigley, M.C.C.; Boone, S.C.C.; Duffy, B.G.G.; Langridge, R.M.M.; Kohn, B.P.P.
2023Overlap quark propagator near the physical pion massVirgili, A.; Kamleh, W.; Leinweber, D.B.
2023Limits to Gauge Coupling in the Dark Sector Set by the Nonobservation of Instanton-Induced Decay of Super-Heavy Dark Matter in the Pierre Auger Observatory DataAbreu, P.; Aglietta, M.; Albury, J.M.; Allekotte, I.; Almeida Cheminant, K.; Almela, A.; Aloisio, R.; Alvarez-Muñiz, J.; Alves Batista, R.; Ammerman Yebra, J.; Anastasi, G.A.; Anchordoqui, L.; Andrada, B.; Andringa, S.; Aramo, C.; Araújo Ferreira, P.R.; Arnone, E.; Arteaga Velázquez, J.C.; Asorey, H.; Assis, P.; et al.
2023Empirical Determination of the Bohr-Weisskopf Effect in Cesium and Improved Tests of Precision Atomic Theory in Searches for New PhysicsSanamyan, G.; Roberts, B.M.; Ginges, J.S.M.
2023Cytochrome P450-catalyzed oxidation of halogen-containing substrates.Coleman, T.; Podgorski, M.N.; Doyle, M.L.; Scaffidi-Muta, J.M.; Campbell, E.C.; Bruning, J.B.; De Voss, J.J.; Bell, S.G.
2023In-situ detection scheme for EGFR gene with temperature and pH compensation using a triple-channel optical fiber biosensorLi, X.; Gong, P.; Zhou, X.; Wang, S.; Liu, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Nguyen, L.V.; Warren-Smith, S.C.; Zhao, Y.
2023H.E.S.S. Follow-up Observations of GRB 221009AAharonian, F.; Benkhali, F.A.; Aschersleben, J.; Ashkar, H.; Backes, M.; Baktash, A.; Martins, V.B.; Batzofin, R.; Becherini, Y.; Berge, D.; Bernlöhr, K.; Bi, B.; Böttcher, M.; Boisson, C.; Bolmont, J.; de Bony de Lavergne, M.; Borowska, J.; Bouyahiaoui, M.; Bradascio, F.; Breuhaus, M.; et al.
2023Metasurface-Controlled Photonic Rashba Effect for Upconversion PhotoluminescenceTripathi, A.; Zalogina, A.; Liao, J.; Wurdack, M.; Estrecho, E.; Zhou, J.; Jin, D.; Kruk, S.S.; Kivshar, Y.
2023High-harmonic generation from a subwavelength dielectric resonatorZalogina, A.; Carletti, L.; Tripathi, A.; Lee, H.C.; Shadrivov, I.; Park, H.G.; Kivshar, Y.; Kruk, S.
2023Electrochemical Synthesis of Poly(trisulfides)Pople, J.M.M.; Nicholls, T.P.; Pham, L.N.; Bloch, W.M.; Lisboa, L.S.; Perkins, M.V.; Gibson, C.T.; Coote, M.L.; Jia, Z.; Chalker, J.M.
2023Caves demonstrate decrease in rainfall recharge of southwest Australian groundwater is unprecedented for the last 800 yearsPriestley, S.C.; Treble, P.C.; Griffiths, A.D.; Baker, A.; Abram, N.J.; Meredith, K.T.
2023Patterns of computed tomography utilisation in injury management: latent classes approach using linked administrative data in Western AustraliaHa, N.T.; Harris, M.; Bulsara, M.; Doust, J.; Kamarova, S.; McRobbie, D.; O'Leary, P.; Parizel, P.M.; Slavotinek, J.; Wright, C.; Youens, D.; Moorin, R.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 4138