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2023Industrial energy efficiency and determinants in Vietnam: A stochastic frontier analysis using firm-level dataNguyen, L.T.; Ratnasiri, S.; Wagner, L.
2023Talent management in the “new normal”—Case study of Indian IT services multinationals in ChinaThite, M.; Rammal, H.G.; Ferreira, J.J.M.
2023The Murray-Darling Basin shows why the 'social cost of water' concept won’t workWheeler, S.; Ringler, C.
2023No Lights, No Camera, No Action: Indian movie industry practitioner perspectives on life after the pandemicKamineni, R.; Rentschler, R.
2023Identifying the water-related economic values of the Murray-Darling Basin and rating the quality of water economic studiesWheeler, S.A.; Xu, Y.; Zuo, Z.; Haensch, J.; Seidl, C.; Murray-Darling Basin Authority
2023Water buybacks are back on the table in the Murray-Darling Basin. Here's a refresher on how they workWheeler, S.
2023Global talent management in the “new normal”—Editors' special issue introductionRammal, H.G.; Ferreira, J.J.
2023Analysis of social network effects on water trade in an informal water marketMatinju, M.H.; Alizadeh, H.; Loch, A.; Aghaie, V.
2023Managerial ownership and financial distress: evidence from the Chinese stock marketShan, Y.G.; Troshani, I.; Wang, J.; Zhang, L.
2023Solar adoption and the decisive role of the feed-in tariff policyNguyen, L.T.; Ratnasiri, S.; Wagner, L.; Nguyen, D.T.; Rohde, N.
2023The Institutional Development of Islamic Finance in the Middle East: A Post-Colonial Comparative PerspectiveRammal, H.G.; Pereira, V.; Temouri, Y.; Laker, B.; Tarba, S.; Ferreira, J.J.
2023When Is Less More? Boundary Conditions of Effective Entrepreneurial BricolageSteffens, P.R.; Baker, T.; Davidsson, P.; Senyard, J.M.
2023Solid waste management program in developing countries: contingent valuation methodology versus choice experimentKhong, T.D.; Dan Xuan, T.H.; Loch, A.; Viet, K.H.
2023Biculturals in International Business Negotiations: Moving away from the single culture paradigmKhakhar, P.; Rammal, H.G.; Pereira, V.
2023Favor Reciprocity, Innovation, and Inefficiency: The Double-edged Sword of Business-to-Business Wasta RelationsAlHussainan, O.; Guo, Y.; Rammal, H.G.; Tang, R.; Golgeci, I.
2023Consequences of CSR reporting regulations worldwide: a review and research agendaHaji, A.A.; Coram, P.; Troshani, I.
2023Healing the Digital Divide With Digital Inclusion: Enabling Human CapabilitiesFisk, R.P.; Gallan, A.S.; Joubert, A.M.; Beekhuyzen, J.; Cheung, L.; Russell-Bennett, R.
2023Valuing protected area tourism ecosystem services using big dataLoch, A.; Scholz, G.; Auricht, C.; Sexton, S.; O'Connor, P.; Imgraben, S.
2023The importance of external social support for workplace-related stress as we grow olderCaines, V.; Treuren, G.J.M.
2023Put your own “oxygen mask” on first: A behavioral typology of leaders' self-careChiu, C.; Howard, M.; Lopes, E.; Kulik, C.T.; Tuckey, M.R.