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2019A real option application for emission control measuresSchiel, C.; Glöser-Chahoud, S.; Schultmann, F.
2019Turning water into wine: exploring water security perceptions and adaptation behaviour amongst conventional, organic and biodynamic grape growersWheeler, S.; Marning, A.
2019The dynamics of the relationship between household decision-making and farm household income in small-scale irrigation schemes in southern AfricaBjornlund, H.; Zuo, A.; Wheeler, S.; Parry, K.; Pittock, J.; Mdemu, M.; Moyo, M.
2019CEO pay disparity: efficient contracting or managerial power?Vo, T.; Canil, J.
2019Complaining practices on social media in tourism: a value co-creation and co-destruction perspectiveDolan, R.; Seo, Y.; Kemper, J.
2019Particularistic and system trust in family businesses: The role of family influenceWang, Y.; Shi, H.
2019Intergenerational succession and internationalisation strategy of family SMEs: Evidence from ChinaShi, H.; Graves, C.; Barbera, F.
2019Actor engagement in networks: defining the conceptual domainBrodie, R.J.; Fehrer, J.; Jaakkola, E.; Conduit, J.
2018Bank-wreckers, defaulters, and embezzlers: America's popular fear and fascination with the misappropriation of bank deposits during the gilded age and progressive eraMackay, T.
2018Shrimp aquaculture technology change in Indonesia: Are small farmers included?Yi, D.; Reardon, T.; Stringer, R.
2018The paradox of irrigation efficiencyGrafton, R.; Williams, J.; Perry, C.; Molle, F.; Ringler, C.; Steduto, P.; Udall, B.; Wheeler, S.; Wang, Y.; Garrick, D.; Allen, R.
2018Achieving environmental flows where buyback is constrainedAdamson, D.; Loch, A.
2018Drivers of service climate: an emerging market perspectiveHoang, H.; Rao Hill, S.; Lu, V.; Freeman, S.
2018Economics of water recovery in the Murray-Darling Basin, AustraliaWheeler, S.; Grafton, R.
2018Environmental water efficiency: Maximizing benefits and minimizing costs of environmental water use and managementHorne, A.; O'Donnell, E.; Loch, A.; Adamson, D.; Hart, B.; Freebairn, J.
2018Advertisement typicality: a longitudinal experiment: can sponsors transfer the image of a sporting event to their brand?Mazodier, M.; Corsi, A.; Quester, P.
2018A complex adaptive systems governance framework for regional supply networksStatsenko, L.; Gorod, A.; Ireland, V.
2018CEO incentive pay around performance declinesCanil, J.; Rosser, B.
2018Perceptions, risk attitude and organic fertilizer investment: evidence from rice and banana farmers in Guangxi, ChinaChen, X.; Zeng, D.; Xu, Y.; Fan, X.
2018Will boys’ mental health fare worse under a hotter climate in Australia?Xu, Y.; Wheeler, S.; Zuo, A.