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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200910 stances on positioning through the eyes of a marketerGoodman, S.
2013A benefit/cost assessment in citrus IPM following the application of soil amendmentsCrisp, P.; Wheeler, S.; Baker, G.; Horticulture Australia, Australia
2008A case study of knowledge protection and diffusion for innovation: managing knowledge in the mobile telephone industryGalvin, P.; Rice, J.
2017A century of intervention in a Ramsar wetland - the case of the Coorong, Lower Lakes and Murray MouthSettre, C.; Wheeler, S.
2015A closer look at the rural-urban health disparities: insights from four major diseases in the Commonwealth of VirginiaZeng, D.; You, W.; Mills, B.; Alwang, J.; Royster, M.; Anson-Dwamena, R.
2005A collaborative interest model of relational coordination and empirical resultsMedlin, C.; Aurifeille, J.; Quester, P.
2001A collaborative interest model of relational coordination: Examining relational norms as actor bondsMedlin, C.; Quester, P.; Hakansson, H.; Solberg, C.; Huemer, L.; Annual Industrial Marketing & Purchasing Conference (17th : 2001 : Oslo, Norway)
2017A Comparative Analysis of Accounting-Based Valuation ModelsHo, K.; Lee, S.; Lin, C.; Yu, M.
2018A complex adaptive systems governance framework for regional supply networksStatsenko, L.; Gorod, A.; Ireland, V.
2007A conceptual framework and propositions for the acceptance of mobile servicesRao Hill, S.; Troshani, I.
2006A conceptual framework and propositions for the acceptance of mobile servicesTroshani, I.; Rao Hill, S.; IMB2006
2015A configuration-based approach to integrating dynamic capabilities and market transformation in small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve firm performanceRice, J.; Liao, T.; Galvin, P.; Martin, N.
2006A consumer-based method for retailer equity measurement: results of an empirical studyPappu, R.; Quester, P.
2017A contingent view of partner coopetition in international joint venturesShu, C.; Jin, J.; Zhou, K.
2014A critique of the Majority Report of the Senate Economics Legislation Committee review of the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (repeal) (no. 1) bill 2014 (provisions)Saj, M.
2011A cross-cultural insight into the competency-mix of SME entrepreneurs in Australia and MalaysiaAhmad, N.; Wilson, C.; Kummerow, E.
1999A Cross-Cultural Study of Juvenile Response to Anti-Smoking AdvertisementsQuester, P.
2007A discussion of qualitative data analysis in hospitality research with examples from an ethnography of English public housesSandiford, P.; Seymour, D.
2001A distributed Genetic Algorithm for the clusterwise regression problem: Comparison with a classical GA and with a regression mixture modelAurifeille, J.; Medlin, C.; Giuseppe Zollo,; New Logics for the New Economy (8th : 2001 : Napoli, Italy)
2006A dyadic approach to the relationship performance of international business partnersAurifeille, J.; Medlin, C.; Aurifeille, J.; Svizzero, S.; Tisdell, C.