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2014Water trading in Australia: tracing its' development and impact over the past three decadesWheeler, S.; Bjornlund, H.; Loch, A.; Easter, K.; Huang, Q.
2015People versus place in Australia’s Murray-Darling Basin: balancing economic, social ecosystem and community outcomesLoch, A.; Wheeler, S.; Adamson, D.; Squires, V.; Milner, H.; Daniell, K.
2016Mercados de agua en Australia y California. Qué podemos aprender de ellos?Palomo-Hierro, S.; Settre, C.; Loch, A.; Wheeler, S.; Gomez-Limon, J.; Calatrava, J.
2013The role of water markets in climate change adaptationLoch, A.; Wheeler, S.A.; Bjornlund, H.; Beecham, S.; Edwards, J.; Zuo, A.; Shanahan, M.
2017Submission to the Senate Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport References Committee Inquiry: The integrity of the water market in the Murray-Darling BasinLoch, A.; O'Donnell, E.; Adamson, D.; Horne,, A.; Senate Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport References Committee
2019Inferred valuation versus conventional contingent valuation: a salinity intrusion case studyKhong, T.D.; Loch, A.; Young, M.
2018Achieving environmental flows where buyback is constrainedAdamson, D.; Loch, A.
2020Economic assessment of no-till farming systemsMallawaarachchi, T.; Tessema, Y.; Loch, A.; Asafu-Adjaye, J.; Dang, Y.; Dalal, R.; Menzies, N.
2022Circular economy opportunities and implementation barriers for Australia's food, feed and fibre productionHetherington, J.; Juliano, P.; MacMillan, C.; Loch, A.
2022Value of South Australia’s National Parks and Reserves. Study 1: Economic value of nature-based tourism. Part 2. Secondary economic valueLoch, A.; Auricht, C.; O'Connor, P.; Department of Environment and Water, Government of South Australia