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2016Student engagement: a multiple layer phenomenonConduit, J.; Karpen, I.; Farrelly, F.; Plewa, C.; Conduit, J.
2014Corporate volunteering: developing CSR image with internal and external benefitsJohnson, C.R.; Plewa, C.; Conduit, J.; Quester, P.; Newell, A.P.
2004Modelling successful innovation-oriented university-industry relationshipsPlewa, C.; Quester, P.; Chapman, R.; International CI Net Conference (5th : 2004 : Sydney, N.S.W.)
2009We play the same game, but do we share the same passion? A comparison of French and Australian emotional rections during sport eventsBal, C.; Quester, P.; Plewa, C.; ANZMAC Conference (2009 : Melbourne, Australia)
2008A holistic view on quality perception triggers of wine: 'Quaffers vs Snobs'Crouch, R.; Plewa, C.; Australia and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference (2008 : Sydney, N.S.W)
2008Associations between congruence, attributed egoism and corporate social responsibilityGeue, M.; Plewa, C.; Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference (2008 : Sydney, N.S.W.)
2009Attitudes to entrepreneurship: what do 1st year business students think? Areas of focus and improvement for universities in promoting and supporting student entrepreneurshipDavey, T.; Plewa, C.; Kliewe, T.; Annual AGSE International Entrepreneurship & Innovation Research Exchange (6th : 2009 : Adelaide)
2009When organisational cultures meetPlewa, C.; International Colloquium in Relationship Marketing (17th : 2009 : Maastricht, The Netherlands)
2008Driver or passenger? The link between marketing and continuous improvement?Plewa, C.; Low, D.; Sloan, T.; International CINet Conference (9th : 2008 : Valencia, Spain)
2016Decomposition of country of origin effects in education services: a conjoint analysis approachAruan, D.; Crouch, R.; Plewa, C.; Conduit, J.