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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Institutionalizing XBRL in the UK: an organizing vision perspectiveTroshani, I.; European Conference on Information Systems (19th : 2011 : Helsinki, Finland)
2006Diffusion of a networked innovation: A stakeholder and social network viewTroshani, I.; Doolin, B.; Ljungberg, J.; Andersson, M.; European Conference on Information Systems (14th : 2006 : Gothenburg, Sweden)
2011Bifocal technology adoption: a case study of a technology transfer toolRampersad, G.; Troshani, I.; Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems(15th : 2011 : Brisbane, QLD)
2009Translation in XBRL Standardization: An Actor-Network ViewTroshani, I.; Lymer, A.; Australian Conference on Information Systems (20th : 2009 : Melbourne, Victoria)
2012IOS adoption in innovation networks: A case studyRampersad, G.; Troshani, I.; Plewa, C.
2011Adopting innovation management software in university innovation commercializationTroshani, I.; Rampersad, G.; Plewa, C.
2007Network Management of Multi-Sectoral InnovationRampersad, G.; Quester, P.; Troshani, I.; Naude, P.; IMP 2007 Conference (23rd : 2007 : Manchester, UK)
2010DiaMonD: Developing a diabetes monitoring device in the australian contextWickramasinghe, N.; Troshani, I.; Goldberg, S.; Zimmermann, H.D.; Wickramasinghe, N.; Pucihar, A.; Gricar, J.; Babnik, M.; Bled eConference (23rd : 2010 : Bled, Slovenia)
2010Exploring the organizational adoption of Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) in the Australian public sectorTroshani, I.; Jerram, C.; Gerrard, M.; Australasian Conference on Information Systems (21st : 2010 : Brisbane, Australia)
2010Emerging trends of ICT adoption in innovation contexts: A network frameworkRampersad, G.; Troshani, I.; Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (14th : 2010 : Taipei, Taiwan)