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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007South and East Asian insurance market growth and developmentHussels, S.; Sherman, C.; Ward, D.; Zurbrugg, R.
2010The impact of IFRS on financial analysts' forecast accuracy in the Asia-Pacific region: The case of Australia, Hong Kong and New ZealandCheong, C.; Kim, S.; Zurbrugg, R.
2011Modelling price movements in housing micro markets: identifying long-term components in local housing market dynamicsWilson, P.; White, M.; Dunse, N.; Cheong, C.; Zurbrugg, R.
2010Index tracking fund enhancement using evolving multi-criteria fuzzy decision modelsGhandar, A.; Michalewicz, Z.; Zurbrugg, R.; Cheong, C.; Congress on Evolutionary Computation (2010 : Barcelona, Spain)
2010Interpretable multi-criteria fuzzy rule based decision models for hedge fund managementGhandar, A.; Michalewicz, Z.; Zurbrugg, R.; Congress on Evolutionary Computation (2010 : Barcelona, Spain)
2003International diversification of real estate assets: is it worth it? Evidence from the literatureWilson, P.; Zurbrugg, R.
2002The intra-day price discovery process between the Singapore Exchange and Taiwan Futures ExchangeRoope, M.; Zurbrugg, R.
2009An analysis of the long-run impact of fixed income and equity market performance on Australian and UK securitised property marketsCheong, C.; Wilson, P.; Zurbrugg, R.
2006Structural breaks and diversification: The impact of the 1997 Asian financial crisis on the integration of Asia-Pacific real estate marketsGerlach, R.; Wilson, P.; Zurbrugg, R.
2004Contagion or interdependence? Evidence from comovements in Asia-Pacific securitised real estate markets during the 1997 crisisWilson, P.; Zurbrugg, R.