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Type: Text
Title: Part II/1 Group "A": 29. [[Translations of part of] E Sabatier]
Author: Maude, Henry (Harry)
Sabatier, Ernest
Krämer, Augustin Friedrich
Issue Date: 2022
Abstract: A handwritten translation of the section "Conquest of the islands by the soldiers of Peru" from Ernest Sabatier's "Sous l'Equateur du Pacifique: Les Isles Gilbert et la Mission Catholique, 1888-1938". Ernest Sabatier was a Catholic missionary from France. Also, a chapter titled "The inhabitants of the Gilbert Islands" translated from the German book "Hawaii, Ostmikronesien, Samoa" by Augustin Friedrich Krämer. Krämer was a German ethnologist.
Keywords: Samoa
East Micronesia
Gilbert Islands
Catholic Mission
Description: The second document is repeated twice in the Archive. Both copies have been scanned and appear in this PDF.
Call number: MSS 0003
Appears in Collections:Part II/1 Group "A": Manuscript and Typescript notes

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