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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Isolating Nuclei From Frozen Human Heart Tissue for Single-Nucleus RNA SequencingSafabakhsh, S.; Sar, F.; Martelotto, L.; Haegert, A.; Singhera, G.; Hanson, P.; Parker, J.; Collins, C.; Rohani, L.; Laksman, Z.
2022Human prefrontal cortex gene regulatory dynamics from gestation to adulthood at single-cell resolutionHerring, C.A.; Simmons, R.K.; Freytag, S.; Poppe, D.; Moffet, J.J.D.; Pflueger, J.; Buckberry, S.; Vargas-Landin, D.B.; Clément, O.; Echeverría, E.G.; Sutton, G.J.; Alvarez-Franco, A.; Hou, R.; Pflueger, C.; McDonald, K.; Polo, J.M.; Forrest, A.R.R.; Nowak, A.K.; Voineagu, I.; Martelotto, L.; et al.
2022Type 2 immune polarization is associated with cardiopulmonary disease in preterm infantsLao, J.C.; Bui, C.B.; Pang, M.A.; Cho, S.X.; Rudloff, I.; Elgass, K.; Schröder, J.; Maksimenko, A.; Mangan, N.E.; Starkey, M.R.; Skuza, E.M.; Sun, Y.B.Y.; Beker, F.; Collins, C.L.; Kamlin, O.F.; König, K.; Malhotra, A.; Tan, K.; Theda, C.; Young, M.J.; et al.
2022Paraspeckle subnuclear bodies depend on dynamic heterodimerisation of DBHS RNA-binding proteins via their structured domainsLee, P.W.; Marshall, A.C.; Knott, G.J.; Kobelke, S.; Martelotto, L.; Cho, E.; McMillan, P.J.; Lee, M.; Bond, C.S.; Fox, A.H.
2022Establishment of human induced trophoblast stem cells via reprogramming of fibroblastsTan, J.P.; Liu, X.; Polo, J.M.
2022Cytotoxicity-related gene expression and chromatin accessibility define a subset of CD4+ T cells that mark progression to type 1 diabetes.Bediaga, N.G.; Garnham, A.L.; Naselli, G.; Bandala-Sanchez, E.; Stone, N.L.; Cobb, J.; Harbison, J.E.; Wentworth, J.M.; Ziegler, A.G.; Couper, J.J.; Smyth, G.K.; Harrison, L.C.