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Type: Conference paper
Title: Sound directivity from a 250kW gas turbine exhaust system
Author: Cazzolato, B.
Leav, O.
Howard, C.
Citation: Proceedings of Acoustics Wollongong : Making Waves (2021), 2022 / Kessissoglou, N., Buret, M. (ed./s), pp.1-8
Publisher: Australian Acoustical Society
Publisher Place: Toowong DC QLD, Australia
Issue Date: 2022
ISBN: 9781713844266
Conference Name: Australian Acoustical Society: Acoustics (AAS) (21 Feb 2022 - 23 Feb 2022 : Wollongong, Vic, Australia)
Editor: Kessissoglou, N.
Buret, M.
Statement of
Ben Cazzolato, Orddom Leav and Carl Howard
Abstract: Experiments and numerical simulations have shown that sound radiated from vertically orientated hot exhaust stacks is strongly refracted away from the exhaust plume. In gentle cooler horizontal cross-flow, the plume bends downwards, which subsequently leads to increased refraction of the sound towards the horizontal plane downwind from the stack outlet. This paper builds upon previous research and reports on field trials of the sound directivity measured from a 250kW gas turbine (Turbine Technologies Minilab SR-30 Gas Turbine). The turbine was operated at two turbine shaft speeds, approximately 45,000RPM and 75,000RPM delivering exhaust jet flow speeds and temperatures of Mach Mj = 0.06-0.12 and Tj = 400°C-560°C, respectively, and with wind conditions ranging from calm to 8m/s. It was found that previous research could be reproduced in the field, with SPLs downwind of the exhaust stack 10-12 dB higher than spherical spreading predicts. The paper concludes with guidelines for acousticians to assist in far-field predictions of sound pressure levels arising from hot exhausts such as those found in gas turbine power plants.
Rights: All rights reserved. Permission is granted for any person to reproduce a part of any abstract provided that the permission is obtained from the author(s) and credit is given to the author(s) and these conference proceedings. Acoustics 2021 Wollongong: Making Waves, 21-23 February 2022
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