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2004Keeping women doctors in the countryOzolins, I.; Greenwood, G.; Beilby, J.
2002Variation in levels of uptake of Enhanced Primary Care item numbers between rural and urban settings, November 1999 to October 2001Wilkinson, D.; McElroy, H.; Beilby, J.; Mott, K.; Price, K.; Morey, S.; Best, J.
2003Providing healthcare for people with chronic illness: the views of Australian GPsOldroyd, J.; Proudfoot, J.; Infante, F.; Davies, G.; Bubner, T.; Holton, C.; Beilby, J.; Harris, M.
2002Variation between divisions of general practice in the uptake of health assessments, care plans and case conferences through the Enhanced Primary Care programWilkinson, D.; McElroy, H.; Beilby, J.; Mott, K.; Price, K.; Morey, S.; Best, J.
2005Impact of voluntary folate fortification on plasma homocysteine and serum folate in Australia from 1995 to 2001: A population based cohort studyHickling, S.; Hung, J.; Knuiman, M.; Jamrozik, K.; McQuillan, B.; Beilby, J.; Thompson, P.
2007Job satisfaction of staff and the team environment in Australian general practiceHarris, M.; Proudfoot, J.; Jayasinghe, U.; Holton, C.; Powell Davies, G.; Amoroso, C.; Bubner, T.; Beilby, J.
2007Team climate for innovation: what difference does it make in general practice?Proudfoot, J.; Jayasinghe, U.; Holton, C.; Grimm, J.; Bubner, T.; Amoroso, C.; Beilby, J.; Harris, M.
2007Quality of chronic disease care in general practice: the development and validation of a provider interview toolProudfoot, J.; Jayasinghe, U.; Infante, F.; Beilby, J.; Amoroso, C.; Powell Davies, G.; Grimm, J.; Holton, C.; Bubner, T.; Harris, M.
2007Organisational capacity and chronic disease care - An Australian general practice perspectiveProudfoot, J.; Infante, F.; Holton, C.; Davies, G.; Bubner, T.; Beilby, J.; Harris, M.
2000Asthma clinics in general practice: what is the evidence?Pilotto, L.; Beilby, J.; Smith, B.