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1997Australian collaborative trial of antenatal thyrotropin-releasing hormone: adverse effects at 12-month follow-upCrowther, C.; Hiller, J.; Haslam, R.; Robinson, J.
1999Pharmacist only' medicinesBessell, T.; Hiller, J.; Sansom, L.
1996Trends in the prevalence of trachoma, South Australia, 1976 to 1990Stocks, N.; Hiller, J.; Newland, H.; McGilchrist, C.
1996Prevalence and causes of blindness in the South Australian population aged 50 and overNewland, H.; Hiller, J.; Casson, R.; Obermeder, S.
1999Suitability of breastfeeding facilities outside the home: an audit of baby change rooms in shopping centresMcIntyre, E.; Turnbull, D.; Hiller, J.
2011Prevention of workplace musculoskeletal disorders based on a stage of change approach: preliminary findings from an intervention study in South AustraliaDoda, D.; Pisaniello, D.; Rothmore, P.; Hiller, J.; Mahmood, A.; Stewart, S.; Winefield, H.; Boucaut, R.; International Conference on Epidemiology in Occupational Health (22nd : 2011 : Oxford, UK)
1999Determinants of infant feeding practices in a low socio-economic area: identifying environmental barriers to breastfeedingMcIntyre, E.; Hiller, J.; Turnbull, D.
2013Vitamin b12 and folate tests: The ongoing need to determine appropriate use and public fundingWillis, C.; Metz, M.; Hiller, J.; Elshaug, A.
2013Pre-market approval and post-market direct-to-consumer advertising of medical devices in Australia: a case study of breast cancer screening and diagnostic devicesVreugdenburg, T.; Willis, C.; Mundy, L.; Hiller, J.
2015Healthy living after cancer: a dissemination and implementation study evaluating a telephone-delivered healthy lifestyle program for cancer survivorsEakin, E.; Hayes, S.; Haas, M.; Reeves, M.; Vardy, J.; Boyle, F.; Hiller, J.; Mishra, G.; Goode, A.; Jefford, M.; Koczwara, B.; Saunders, C.; Demark-Wahnefried, W.; Courneya, K.; Schmitz, K.; Girgis, A.; White, K.; Chapman, K.; Boltong, A.; Lane, K.; et al.