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2004Infrarenal aortic diameter predicts all-cause mortalityNorman, P.; Le, M.; Pearce, C.; Jamrozik, K.
2003Is there an association between chronic lung disease and abdominal aortic aneurysm expansion?Spencer, C.; Jamrozik, K.; Kelly, S.; Bremner, P.; Norman, P.
2005Predictors of impaired cognitive function in men over the age of 80 years: results from the Health in Men StudyFlicker, L.; Almeida, O.; Acres, J.; Le, M.; Tuohy, R.; Jamrozik, K.; Hankey, G.; Norman, P.
2003Cancer knowledge and skills of interns in Australia and New Zealand in 2001: Comparison with 1990 and between course typesBarton, M.; Tattersall, M.; Butow, P.; Crossing, S.; Jamrozik, K.; Jalaludin, B.; Atkinson, C.; Miles, S.
2003Perioperative epidural analgesia and outcome after major abdominal surgery in high-risk patientsPeyton, P.; Myles, P.; Silbert, B.; Rigg, J.; Jamrozik, K.; Parsons, R.
2004Evaluating curriculum changes in undergraduate cancer educationStarmer, D.; Jamrozik, K.; Barton, M.; Miles, S.
2004Ten-Year Risk of First Recurrent Stroke and Disability after First-Ever Stroke in the Perth Community Stroke StudyHardie, K.; Hankey, G.; Jamrozik, K.; Broadhurst, R.; Anderson, C.
2004Preventing recurrent events long term after coronary artery bypass graft: Suboptimal use of medications in a population studyBradshaw, P.; Jamrozik, K.; Gilfillan, I.; Thompson, P.
2008Late-onset heart failure after myocardial infarction: Trends in incidence and survivalNajafi, F.; Dobson, A.; Hobbs, M.; Jamrozik, K.
2009Preliminary results of the Australasian Regional Anaesthesia Collaboration: a prospective audit of more than 7000 peripheral nerve and plexus blocks for neurologic and other complicationsBarrington, M.; Watts, S.; Gledhill, S.; Thomas, R.; Said, S.; Snyder, G.; Tay, V.; Jamrozik, K.