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2012Knowledge and beliefs about antibiotics among people in Yogyakarta City Indonesia: a cross sectional population-based surveyWidayati, A.; Suryawati, S.; de Crespigny, C.; Hiller, J.
2012Use of routine hospital morbidity data together with weight and height of patients to predict in-hospital complications following total joint replacementMnatzaganian, G.; Ryan, P.; Norman, P.; Davidson, D.; Hiller, J.
2012Accuracy of hospital morbidity data and the performance of comorbidity scores as predictors of mortalityMnatzaganian, G.; Ryan, P.; Norman, P.; Hiller, J.
2012Projected burden of disease for Salmonella infection due to increased temperature in Australian temperate and subtropical regionsZhang, Y.; Bi, P.; Hiller, J.
2012Use of web 2.0 to recruit Australian gay men to an online HIV/AIDS surveyTheriault, N.; Bi, P.; Hiller, J.; Nor, M.
2012Home videophones improve direct observation in Tuberculosis treatment: a mixed methods evaluationWade, V.; Karnon, J.; Eliott, J.; Hiller, J.
2012Education for contraceptive use by women after childbirthLopez, L.; Hiller, J.; Grimes, D.; Chen, M.
2012A qualitative study of ethical, medico-legal and clinical governance matters in Australian telehealth servicesWade, V.; Eliott, J.; Hiller, J.
2012Length of stay in hospital and all-cause readmission following elective total joint replacement in elderly menMnatzaganian, G.; Ryan, P.; Norman, P.; Davidson, D.; Hiller, J.
2012What counts and how to count it: Physicians' constructions of evidence in a disinvestment contextHodgetts, K.; Elshaug, A.; Hiller, J.