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2004Infrarenal aortic diameter predicts all-cause mortalityNorman, P.; Le, M.; Pearce, C.; Jamrozik, K.
2004Evaluating curriculum changes in undergraduate cancer educationStarmer, D.; Jamrozik, K.; Barton, M.; Miles, S.
2004Ten-Year Risk of First Recurrent Stroke and Disability after First-Ever Stroke in the Perth Community Stroke StudyHardie, K.; Hankey, G.; Jamrozik, K.; Broadhurst, R.; Anderson, C.
2004Preventing recurrent events long term after coronary artery bypass graft: Suboptimal use of medications in a population studyBradshaw, P.; Jamrozik, K.; Gilfillan, I.; Thompson, P.
2004The management of early breast carcinoma before and after the introduction of clinical practice guidelinesWhite, V.; Pruden, M.; Giles, G.; Collins, J.; Jamrozik, K.; Inglis, G.; Boyages, J.; Hill, D.
2004Active and passive smoking and the risk of subarachnoid hemorrhage: An international population-based case-control studyAnderson, C.; Feigin, V.; Bennett, D.; Lin, R.; Hankey, G.; Jamrozik, K.
2004Breast cancer in Western Australia: Clinical practice and clinical guidelinesMcEvoy, S.; Ingram, D.; Byrne, M.; Joseph, D.; Dewar, J.; Trottor, J.; Harper, C.; Haworth, C.; Harvey, J.; Sterrett, G.; Jamrozik, K.; Fritschi, L.
2004Homocysteine Alzheimer genes and proteins and measures of cognition and depression in older menFlickera, L.; Martins, R.; Thomas, J.; Acres, J.; Taddei, K.; Norman, P.; Jamrozik, K.; Almeida, O.
2004Serum triglycerides as a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases in the Asia-Pacific region.Patel, A.; Barzi, F.; Jamrozik, K.; Lam, T.; Ueshima, H.; Whitlock, G.; Woodward, M.
2004Tobacco and cardiovascular diseaseJamrozik, K.