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2008Low free testosterone concentration as a potentially treatable cause of depressive symptoms in older menAlmeida, O.; Yeap, B.; Hankey, G.; Jamrozik, K.; Flicker, L.
2008Homocysteine and C-reactive protein are not markers of cognitive impairment in patients with major cardiovascular diseaseSilbert, B.; Evered, L.; Scott, D.; McCutcheon, C.; Jamrozik, K.
2008Late-onset heart failure after myocardial infarction: Trends in incidence and survivalNajafi, F.; Dobson, A.; Hobbs, M.; Jamrozik, K.
2008Screening in early childhood for risk of later mental health problems: A longitudinal studyNajman, J.; Heron, M.; Hayatbakhsh, M.; Dingle, K.; Jamrozik, K.; Bor, W.; O'Callaghan, M.; Williams, G.
2008Adolescent problem behaviours predicting DSM-IV diagnoses of multiple substance use disorder: Findings of a prospective birth cohort studyHayatbakhsh, M.; Najman, J.; Jamrozik, K.; Mamun, A.; Bor, W.; Alati, R.
2008Attendance for injury at accident and emergency departments in London: a cross-sectional studyJamrozik, K.; Samarasundera, E.; Miracle, R.; Blair, M.; Sethi, D.; Saxena, S.; Bowen, S.
2008Healthier lifestyle predicts higher circulating testosterone in older men: the Health in Men Study.Yeap, B.; Almeida, O.; Hyde, Z.; Norman, P.; Chubb, S.; Jamrozik, K.; Hankey, G.; Flicker, L.
2008Smoking Is Associated With Reduced Cortical Regional Gray Matter Density in Brain Regions Associated With Incipient Alzheimer DiseaseAlmeida, O.; Garrido, G.; Lautenschlager, N.; Hulse, G.; Jamrozik, K.; Flicker, L.
2008Child and Adolescent Externalizing Behavior and Cannabis Use Disorders in Early Adulthood: An Australian Prospective Birth Cohort StudyHayatbakhsh, M.; McGee, T.; Bor, W.; Najman, J.; Jamrozik, K.; Mamun, A.
2008Elevated total cholesterol: its prevalence and population attributable fraction for mortality from coronary heart disease and ischaemic stroke in the Asia-Pacific regionWoodward, M.; Martiniuk, A.; Lee, C.; Lam, T.; Vander Hoorn, S.; Ueshima, H.; Fang, X.; Kim, H.; Rodgers, A.; Patel, A.; Jamrozik, K.; Huxley, R.