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2004Induction of labour for women with a previous caesarean birth: a systematic review of the literatureDodd, J.; Crowther, C.
2003Elective delivery of women with a twin pregnancy from 37 weeks' gestationDodd, J.; Crowther, C.
2010Misoprostol for induction of labour to terminate pregnancy in the second or third trimester for women with a fetal anomaly or after intrauterine fetal deathDodd, J.; Crowther, C.
2006Elective repeat caesarean section versus induction of labour for women with a previous caesarean birthDodd, J.; Crowther, C.
2012The IDEAL study: investigation of dietary advice and lifestyle for women with borderline gestational diabetes: a randomised controlled trial - study protocolCrowther, C.; Hague, W.; Middleton, P.; Baghurst, P.; McPhee, A.; Tran, T.; Yelland, L.; Ashwood, P.; Han, S.; Dodd, J.; Robinson, J.
2006Care of women at risk of preterm birth: A survey of reported practice in Australia and New ZealandJenkins-Manning, S.; Flenady, V.; Dodd, J.; Cincotta, R.; Crowther, C.
2015Reduction of the number of fetuses for women with a multiple pregnancyDodd, J.; Dowswell, T.; Crowther, C.
2007Specialised antenatal clinics for women with a multiple pregnancy to improve maternal and infant outcomesDodd, J.; Crowther, C.
2006Cochrane reviews in pregnancy: The role of perinatal randomized trials and systematic reviews in establishing evidenceDodd, J.; Crowther, C.
2004Planned elective repeat caesarean section versus planned vaginal birth for women with a previous caesarean birthDodd, J.; Crowther, C.; Huertas, E.; Guise, J.; Horey, D.