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2012Improved surgical safety after laparoscopic compared to open surgery for apparent early stage endometrial cancer: results from a randomised controlled trialObermair, A.; Janda, M.; Baker, J.; Kondalsamy-Chennakesavan, S.; Brand, A.; Hogg, R.; Jobling, T.W.; Land, R.; Manolitsas, T.; Nascimento, M.; Neesham, D.; Nicklin, J.L.; Oehler, M.K.; Otton, G.; Perrin, L.; Salfinger, S.; Hammond, I.; Leung, Y.; Sykes, P.; Ngan, H.; et al.
2011Deregulation of MYCN, LIN28B and LET7 in a molecular subtype of aggressive high-grade serous ovarian cancersHelland, Å.; Anglesio, M.S.; George, J.; Cowin, P.A.; Johnstone, C.N.; House, C.M.; Sheppard, K.E.; Etemadmoghadam, D.; Melnyk, N.; Rustgi, A.K.; Phillips, W.A.; Johnsen, H.; Holm, R.; Kristensen, G.B.; Birrer, M.J.; Australian Ovarian Cancer Study Group; Pearson, R.B.; Børresen-Dale, A.-.L.; Huntsman, D.G.; deFazio, A.; et al.
2012Alcohol consumption and pancreatic cancer: a pooled analysis in the International Pancreatic Cancer Case-Control Consortium (PanC4)Lucenteforte, E.; La Vecchia, C.; Silverman, D.; Petersen, G.; Bracci, P.; Ji, B.; Bosetti, C.; Li, D.; Gallinger, S.; Miller, A.; Bueno-de-Mesquita, H.; Talamini, R.; Polesel, J.; Ghadirian, P.; Baghurst, P.; Zatonski, W.; Fontham, E.; Bamlet, W.; Holly, E.; Gao, Y.; et al.
2011Updated IMS recommendations on postmenopausal hormone therapy and preventive strategies for midlife healthSturdee, D.; Pines, A.; Archer, D.; Baber, R.; Barlow, D.; Birkhauser, M.; Brincat, M.; Cardozo, L.; de Villiers, T.; Gambacciani, M.; Gompel, A.; Henderson, V.; Klutt, C.; Lobo, R.; MacLennan, A.; Marsden, J.; Nappi, R.; Panay, N.; Pickar, J.; Robinson, D.; et al.
2014Diabetes, antidiabetic medications, and pancreatic cancer risk: an analysis from the International Pancreatic Cancer Case-Control ConsortiumBosetti, C.; Rosato, V.; Li, D.; Silverman, D.; Petersen, G.; Bracci, P.; Neale, R.; Muscat, J.; Anderson, K.; Gallinger, S.; Olson, S.; Miller, A.; Bueno-de-Mesquita, H.; Scelo, G.; Janout, V.; Holcatova, I.; Lagiou, P.; Serraino, D.; Lucenteforte, E.; Fabianova, E.; et al.
2018Australian utility weights for the EORTC QLU-C10D, a multi-attribute utility instrument derived from the cancer-specific quality of life questionnaire, EORTC QLQ-C30King, M.; Viney, R.; Simon Pickard, A.; Rowen, D.; Aaronson, N.; Brazier, J.; Cella, D.; Costa, D.; Fayers, P.; Kemmler, G.; McTaggart-Cowen, H.; Mercieca-Bebber, R.; Peacock, S.; Street, D.; Young, T.; Norman, R.; Aaronson, N.; Brazier, J.; Cella, D.; Costa, D.; et al.
2015Whole-genome characterization of chemoresistant ovarian cancerPatch, A.; Christie, E.; Etemadmoghadam, D.; Garsed, D.; George, J.; Fereday, S.; Nones, K.; Cowin, P.; Alsop, K.; Bailey, P.; Kassahn, K.; Newell, F.; Quinn, M.; Kazakoff, S.; Quek, K.; Wilhelm-Benartzi, C.; Curry, E.; Leong, H.; Australian Ovarian Cancer Study Group; Hamilton, A.; et al.
2012Immunohistochemical testing of conventional adenomas for loss of expression of mismatch repair proteins in Lynch syndrome mutation carriers: a case series from the Australasian site of the colon cancer family registryWalsh, M.; Buchanan, D.; Pearson, S.; Clendenning, M.; Jenkins, M.; Win, A.; Walters, R.; Spring, K.; Nagler, B.; Pavluk, E.; Arnold, S.; Goldblatt, J.; George, J.; Suthers, G.; Phillips, K.; Hopper, J.; Jass, J.; Baron, J.; Ahnen, D.; Thibodeau, S.; et al.
2010The LIFESTYLE study: costs and effects of a structured lifestyle program in overweight and obese subfertile women to reduce the need for fertility treatment and improve reproductive outcome. A randomised controlled trialMutsaerts, M.; Groen, H.; ter Bogt, N.; Bolster, J.; Land, J.; Bemelmans, W.; Kuchenbecker, W.; Hompes, P.; Macklon, N.; Stolk, R.; van der Veen, F.; Maas, J.; Klijn, N.; Kaaijk, E.; Oosterhuis, G.; Bouckaert, P.; Schierbeek, J.; van Kasteren, Y.; Nap, A.; Broekmans, F.; et al.
2015Immediate delivery versus expectant monitoring for hypertensive disorders of pregnancy between 34 and 37 weeks of gestation (HYPITAT-II): an open-label, randomised controlled trialBroekhuijsen, K.; Van Baaren, G.; Van Pampus, M.; Ganzevoort, W.; Sikkema, J.; Woiski, M.; Oudijk, M.; Bloemenkamp, K.; Scheepers, H.; Bremer, H.; Rijnders, R.; Van Loon, A.; Perquin, D.; Sporken, J.; Papatsonis, D.; Van Huizen, M.; Vredevoogd, C.; Brons, J.; Kaplan, M.; Van Kaam, A.; et al.