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2016Dietary interventions in overweight and obese pregnant women: a systematic review of the content, delivery, and outcomes of randomized controlled trialsFlynn, A.; Dalrymple, K.; Barr, S.; Poston, L.; Goff, L.; Rogozińska, E.; Poppel, M.; Rayanagoudar, G.; Yeo, S.; Carballo, R.; Perales, M.; Bogaerts, A.; Cecatti, J.; Dodd, J.; Owens, J.; Devlieger, R.; Teede, H.; Haakstad, L.; Motahari-Tabari, N.; Tonstad, S.; et al.
2013'North Sea' progressive myoclonus epilepsy: phenotype of subjects with GOSR2 mutationLomax, L.; Bayly, M.; Hjalgrim, H.; Moller, R.; Vlaar, A.; Aaberg, K.; Marquardt, I.; Gandolfo, L.; Willemsen, M.; Kamsteeg, E.; O'Sullivan, J.; Korenke, G.; Bloem, B.; de Coo, I.; Verhagen, J.; Said, I.; Prescott, T.; Stray-Pedersen, A.; Rasmussen, M.; Vears, D.; et al.
2014Tumor mismatch repair immunohistochemistry and DNA MLH1 methylation testing of patients with endometrial cancer diagnosed at age younger than 60 years optimizes triage for population-level germline mismatch repair gene mutation testingBuchanan, D.; Tan, Y.; Walsh, M.; Clendenning, M.; Metcalf, A.; Ferguson, K.; Arnold, S.; Thompson, B.; Lose, F.; Parsons, M.; Walters, R.; Pearson, S.; Cummings, M.; Oehler, M.; Blomfield, P.; Quinn, M.; Kirk, J.; Stewart, C.; Obermair, A.; Young, J.; et al.
2010Mutations in the small GTPase gene RAB39B are responsible for X-linked mental retardation associated with autism, epilepsy, and macrocephalyGiannandrea, M.; Bianchi, V.; Mignogna, M.; Sirri, A.; Carrabino, S.; D'Elia, E.; Vecellio, M.; Russo, S.; Cogliati, F.; Larizza, L.; Ropers, H.; Tzschach, A.; Kalscheuer, V.; Oehl-Jaschkowitz, B.; Skinner, C.; Schwartz, C.; Gecz, J.; Van Esch, H.; Raynaud, M.; Chelly, J.; et al.
2010PHF6 mutations in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemiaVan Vlierberghe, P.; Palomero, T.; Khiabanian, H.; Van der Meulen, J.; Castillo, M.; Van Roy, N.; De Moerloose, B.; Philippe, J.; Gonzalez-Garcia, M.; Toribio, M.; Taghon, T.; Zuurbier, L.; Cauwelier, B.; Harrison, C.; Schwab, C.; Pisecker, M.; Strehl, S.; Langerak, A.; Gecz, J.; Sonneveld, E.; et al.
2013Cervical pessaries for prevention of preterm birth in women with a multiple pregnancy (ProTWIN): a multicentre, open-label randomised controlled trialLiem, S.; Schuit, E.; Hegeman, M.; Bais, J.; de Boer, K.; Bloemenkamp, K.; Brons, J.; Duvekot, H.; Nij Bijvanck, B.; Franssen, M.; Gaugler, I.; de Graaf, I.; Oudijk, M.; Papatsonis, D.; Pernet, P.; Porath, M.; Scheepers, L.; Sikkema, M.; Sporken, J.; Visser, H.; et al.
2016HUWE1 mutations in Juberg-Marsidi and Brooks syndromes: the results of an X-chromosome exome sequencing studyFriez, M.; Brooks, S.; Stevenson, R.; Field, M.; Basehore, M.; Adès, L.; Sebold, C.; Mcgee, S.; Saxon, S.; Skinner, C.; Craig, M.; Murray, L.; Simensen, R.; Yap, Y.; Shaw, M.; Gardner, A.; Corbett, M.; Kumar, R.; Bosshard, M.; Van Loon, B.; et al.
2015Prevention of multiple pregnancies in couples with unexplained or mild male subfertility: randomised controlled trial of in vitro fertilisation with single embryo transfer or in vitro fertilisation in modified natural cycle compared with intrauterine insemination with controlled ovarian hyperstimulationBensdorp, A.; Tjon-Kon-Fat, R.; Bossuyt, P.; Koks, C.; Oosterhuis, G.; Hoek, A.; Hompes, P.; Broekmans, F.; Verhoeve, H.; De Bruin, J.; van Golde, R.; Repping, S.; Cohlen, B.; Lambers, M.; van Bommel, P.; Slappendel, E.; Perquin, D.; Smeenk, J.; Pelinck, M.; Gianotten, J.; et al.
2012Remifentanil patient controlled analgesia versus epidural analgesia in labour. A multicentre randomized controlled trialFreeman, L.; Bloemenkamp, K.; Franssen, M.; Papatsonis, D.; Hajenius, P.; van Huizen, M.; Bremer, H.; Van den Akker, E.; Woiski, M.; Porath, M.; van Beek, E.; Schuitemaker, N.; van der Salm, P.; Fong, B.; Radder, C.; Bax, C.; Sikkema, M.; van den Akker-van Marle, M.; van Lith, J.; Lopriore, E.; et al.
2011Fetal blood sampling in addition to intrapartum ST-analysis of the fetal electrocardiogram: evaluation of the recommendations in the Dutch STAN® trialBecker, J.; Westerhuis, M.; Sterrenburg, K.; Van den Akker, E.; van Beek, E.; Bolte, A.; Van Dessel, T.; Drogtrop, A.; van Geijn, H.; Graziosi, G.; van Lith, J.; Mol, B.; Moons, K.; Nijhuis, J.; Oei, S.; Oosterbaan, H.; Porath, M.; Rijnders, R.; Schuitemaker, N.; Wijnberger, L.; et al.