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2013Retinol-binding protein 4 downregulation during osteogenesis and its localization to non-endocytic vesicles in human cranial suture mesenchymal cells suggest a novel tissue functionLeitch, V.; Dwivedi, P.; Anderson, P.; Powell, B.
2013The case for retaining severe perineal tears as an indicator of the quality of obstetric careBaghurst, P.
2013Effect of embryo density on in vitro development and gene expression in bovine in vitro-fertilized embryos cultured in a Microwell systemSugimura, Satoshi; Akai, Tomonori; Hashiyada, Yutaka; Aikawa, Yoshio; Ohtake, Masaki; Matsuda, Hideo; Kobayashi, Shuji; Kobayashi, Eiji; Konishi, Kazuyuki; Imai, Kei
2013Slow freezing and vitrification of mouse morula and early blastocystsZander, D.; Lane, M.; Hamilton, H.
2013Vascular and connective tissue anomalies associated with X-linked periventricular heterotopia due to mutations in Filamin AReinstein, E.; Frentz, S.; Morgan, T.; Garcia-Minaur, S.; Leventer, R.; McGillivray, G.; Pariani, M.; van der Steen, A.; Pope, M.; Holder-Espinasse, M.; Scott, R.; Thompson, E.; Robertson, T.; Coppin, B.; Siegel, R.; Zurita, M.; Rodriguez, J.; Morales, C.; Rodrigues, Y.; Arcas, J.; et al.
2013Normal and premature rupture of fetal membranes at term delivery differ in regional chemotactic activity and related chemokine/cytokine productionGomez-Lopez, Nardhy Yadira; Hernandez-Santiago, Susana; Lobb, Andrew Peter; Olson, David M.; Vadillo-Ortega, Felipe
2013Fatally flawed? ReplyWilkinson, Dominic; Thiele, P.; Watkinson, A.; de Crespigny, Lachlan T.
2013Role of the sodium channel SCN9A in genetic epilepsy with febrile seizures plus and Dravet syndromeMulley, J.; Hodgson, B.; McMahon, J.; Iona, X.; Bellows, S.; Mullen, S.; Farrell, K.; Mackay, M.; Sadleir, L.; Bleasel, A.; Gill, D.; Webster, R.; Wirrell, E.; Harbord, M.; Sisodiya, S.; Andermann, E.; Kivity, S.; Berkovic, S.; Scheffer, I.; Dibbens, L.
2013Heterogeneity of fibrosis patterns in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease supports the presence of multiple fibrogenic pathwaysSkoien, R.; Richardson, M.; Jonsson, J.; Powell, E.; Brunt, E.; Neuschwander-Tetri, B.; Bhathal, P.; Dixon, J.; O'Brien, P.; Tilg, H.; Moschen, A.; Baumann, U.; Brown, R.; Couper, R.; Manton, N.; Ee, L.; Weltman, M.; Clouston, A.
2013Progastrin-induced secretion of insulin-like growth factor 2 from colonic myofibroblasts stimulates colonic epithelial proliferation in miceDuckworth, C.; Clyde, D.; Worthley, D.; Wang, T.; Varro, A.; Pritchard, D.