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2013Progastrin stimulates colonic cell proliferation via CCK2R- and ╬▓-arrestin-dependent suppression of BMP2Jin, G.; Westphalen, C.; Hayakawa, Y.; Worthley, D.; Asfaha, S.; Yang, X.; Chen, X.; Si, Y.; Wang, H.; Tailor, Y.; Friedman, R.; Wang, T.
2013The luck of the draw: physician-related variability in end-of-life decision-making in intensive careWilkinson, D.; Truog, R.
2013Is it time to screen women with history of hypertensive pregnancy disorders for diabetes?Tran, T.
2013SIDS risk factors: time for new interpretations. The role of bacteriaGoldwater, P.; Bettelheim, K.
2013Clinical toxinology specialty trainingWhite, J.
2013Enzyme replacement therapy for mucopolysaccharidosis VI: long-term cardiac effects of galsulfase (Naglazyme®) therapyBraunlin, E.; Rosenfeld, H.; Kampmann, C.; Johnson, J.; Beck, M.; Giugliani, R.; Guffon, N.; Ketteridge, D.; Miranda, C.; Scarpa, M.; Schwartz, I.; Teles, E.; Wraith, J.; Barrios, P.; Dias da Silva, E.; Kurio, G.; Richardson, M.; Gildengorin, G.; Hopwood, J.; Imperiale, M.; et al.
2013Is fetal macrosomia related to blood pressure among adolescents? A birth cohort study in ChinaLi, Y.; Wu, J.; Yu, J.; Gao, E.; Meads, C.; Afnan, M.; Ren, J.; Rong, F.; EBM-CONNECT Collaboration
2013Is it better to be minimally conscious than vegetative?Wilkinson, D.; Savulescu, J.
2013Decellularized feeders: an optimized method for culturing pluripotent cellsLim, M.; Jungebluth, P.; Sjoqvist, S.; Nidkin, H.; Kjartansdottir, K.; Unger, C.; Vassiliev, I.; Macchiarini, P.
2013Associations between parenting styles and nutrition knowledge and 2-5-year-old children's fruit, vegetable and non-core food consumptionPeters, J.; Dollman, J.; Petkov, J.; Parletta, N.