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2015Metabolic risk in PCOS: Phenotype and adiposity impactMoran, L.; Norman, R.; Teede, H.
2015Enhancing education activities for health care trainees and professionals using audience response systems: a systematic reviewGrzeskowiak, L.; Thomas, A.; To, J.; Phillips, A.; Reeve, E.
2015Hypericum perforatum use during pregnancy and pregnancy outcomeKolding, L.; Pedersen, L.; Henriksen, T.; Olsen, J.; Grzeskowiak, L.
2015Enhancing continuing education activities using audience response systems: a single-blind controlled trialGrzeskowiak, L.; Thomas, A.; To, J.; Reeve, E.; Phillips, A.
2015Investigating the frequency and nature of medication-related problems in the women’s health unit of an Australian tertiary teaching hospitalThompson, R.; Whennan, L.; Liang, J.; Alderman, C.; Grzeskowiak, L.
2015Hypoxia induced HIF-1/HIF-2 activity alters trophoblast transcriptional regulation and promotes invasionHighet, A.; Khoda, S.; Buckberry, S.; Leemaqz, S.; Bianco-Miotto, T.; Harrington, E.; Ricciardelli, C.; Roberts, C.
2015Metformin and lifestyle modification in polycystic ovary syndrome: systematic review and meta-analysisNaderpoor, N.; Shorakae, S.; De Courten, B.; Misso, M.; Moran, L.; Teede, H.
2015Reduction of mitochondrial function by FCCP during mouse cleavage stage embryo culture reduces birth weight and impairs the metabolic health of offspringZander-Fox, D.; Fullston, T.; McPherson, N.; Sandeman, L.; Kang, W.; Good, S.; Spillane, M.; Lane, M.
2015Paternal obesity induces metabolic and sperm disturbances in male offspring that are exacerbated by their exposure to an "obesogenic" dietFullston, T.; McPherson, N.; Owens, J.; Kang, W.; Sandeman, L.; Lane, M.
2015Preconception diet or exercise interventions in obese fathers normalizes sperm microRNA profile and metabolic syndrome in female offspringMcPherson, N.; Owens, J.; Fullston, T.; Lane, M.