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2018Increased prevalence of fracture and hypoglycaemia in young adults with concomitant type 1 diabetes mellitus and coeliac diseaseThong, E.; Wong, P.; Dev, A.; Ebeling, P.; Teede, H.; Milat, F.
2018Prenatal omega-3 LCPUFA and symptoms of allergic disease and sensitization throughout early childhood - a longitudinal analysis of long-term follow-up of a randomized controlled trialBest, K.; Sullivan, T.; Palmer, D.; Gold, M.; Martin, J.; Kennedy, D.; Makrides, M.
2018Backprojection Wiener deconvolution for computed tomographic reconstructionWang, Z.; Cai, J.; Guo, W.; Donnelley, M.; Parsons, D.; Lee, I.
2018Pathogenic variants in E3 ubiquitin ligase RLIM/RNF12 lead to a syndromic X-linked intellectual disability and behavior disorderFrints, S.; Ozanturk, A.; Rodríguez Criado, G.; Grasshoff, U.; de Hoon, B.; Field, M.; Manouvrier-Hanu, S.; E Hickey, S.; Kammoun, M.; Gripp, K.; Bauer, C.; Schroeder, C.; Toutain, A.; Mihalic Mosher, T.; Kelly, B.; White, P.; Dufke, A.; Rentmeester, E.; Moon, S.; Koboldt, D.; et al.
2018Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in childhood: healthcare use in a Danish birth cohort during the first 12 years of lifeLaugesen, B.; Mohr-Jensen, C.; Boldsen, S.K.; Jorgensen, R.; Sorensen, E.E.; Gronkjaer, M.; Rasmussen, P.; Lauritsen, M.B.
2018Metformin in gestational diabetes: the offspring follow-up (MiG TOFU): body composition and metabolic outcomes at 7-9 years of ageRowan, J.; Rush, E.; Plank, L.; Lu, J.; Obolonkin, V.; Coat, S.; Hague, W.
2018Recommendations from the international evidence-based guideline for the assessment and management of polycystic ovary syndromeTeede, H.; Misso, M.; Costello, M.; Dokras, A.; Laven, J.; Moran, L.; Piltonen, T.; Norman, R.; Andersen, M.; Azziz, R.; Balen, A.; Baye, E.; Boyle, J.; Brennan, L.; Broekmans, F.; Dabadghao, P.; Devoto, L.; Dewailly, D.; Downes, L.; Fauser, B.; et al.
2018The impact of mode of delivery on the outcome in very preterm twinsMol, B.; Bergenhenegouwen, L.; Ensing, S.; Ravelli, A.; Kok, M.
2018The duration of sexual relationship and its effects on adverse pregnancy outcomesAndraweera, P.; Roberts, C.; Leemaqz, S.; McCowan, L.; Myers, J.; Kenny, L.; Walker, J.; Postion, L.; Dekker, G.