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2018The mediating effects of gestational diabetes on fetal growth and adiposity in women who are overweight and obese: secondary analysis of the LIMIT randomised trialPoprzeczny, A.; Louise, J.; Deussen, A.; Dodd, J.
2018Assisted reproductive technology in Beijing, 2013–2015Zhou, Z.; Chen, L.; Wu, H.; Zheng, D.; Li, R.; Mol, B.; Qiao, J.
2018Acute intravenous exposure to silver nanoparticles during pregnancy induces particle size and vehicle dependent changes in vascular tissue contractility in Sprague Dawley ratsVidanapathirana, A.; Thompson, L.; Herco, M.; Odom, J.; Sumner, S.; Fennell, T.; Brown, J.; Wingard, C.
2018Research priority setting in childhood chronic disease: a systematic reviewOdgers, H.; Tong, A.; Lopez-Vargas, P.; Davidson, A.; Jaffe, A.; McKenzie, A.; Pinkerton, R.; Wake, M.; Richmond, P.; Crowe, S.; Caldwell, P.; Hill, S.; Couper, J.; Haddad, S.; Kassai, B.; Craig, J.
2018Application of whole genome sequencing technology in the investigation of genetic causes of fetal, perinatal, and early infant deathArmes, J.; Williams, M.; Price, G.; Wallis, T.; Gallagher, R.; Matsika, A.; Joy, C.; Galea, M.; Gardener, G.; Leach, R.; Swagemakers, S.; Tearle, R.; Stubbs, A.; Harraway, J.; van der Spek, P.; Venter, D.
2018Dietary sodium intake relates to vascular health in children with type 1 diabetesAnderson, J.; Couper, J.; Toome, S.; Mpundu-Kaambwa, C.; Giles, L.; Gent, R.; Coppin, B.; Peña, A.
2018Influence of fecal collection conditions and 16S rRNA gene sequencing at two centers on human gut microbiota analysisPenington, J.; Penno, M.; Ngui, K.; Ajami, N.; Roth-Schulze, A.; Wilcox, S.; Bandala-Sanchez, E.; Wentworth, J.; Barry, S.; Brown, C.; Couper, J.; Petrosino, J.; Papenfuss, A.; Harrison, L.; ENDIA Study Group; Colman, P.; Cotterill, A.; Craig, M.; Davis, E.; Harris, M.; et al.
2018Long-term academic functioning following cogmed working memory training for children born extremely preterm: a randomized controlled trialAnderson, P.J.; Lee, K.J.; Roberts, G.; Spencer-Smith, M.M.; Thompson, D.K.; Seal, M.L.; Nosarti, C.; Grehan, A.; Josev, E.K.; Gathercole, S.; Doyle, L.W.; Pascoe, L.
2018Minimal variation of the plasma lipidome after delayed processing of neonatal cord bloodWentworth, J.M.; Bediaga, N.G.; Penno, M.; Bandala-Sanchez, E.; Kanojia, K.N.; Kouremenos, K.A.; Couper, J.J.; Harrison, L.C.; ENDIA, S.G.
2018The effect of maternal intake of sucrose or high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS)-55 during gestation and lactation on lipogenic gene expression in rat offspring at 3 and 12 weeks of ageKaur, H.; Toop, C.; Muhlhausler, B.; Gentili, S.