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2018Association between shiftwork and the risk of colorectal cancer in females: a population-based case-control studyWalasa, W.; Carey, R.; Si, S.; Fritschi, L.; Heyworth, J.; Fernandez, R.; Boyle, T.
2018Maternal smoking during pregnancy and offspring overweight: is there a dose-response relationship? An individual patient data meta-analysisAlbers, L.; Sobotzki, C.; Kuß, O.; Ajslev, T.; Batista, R.; Bettiol, H.; Brabin, B.; Buka, S.; Cardoso, V.; Clifton, V.; Devereux, G.; Gilman, S.; Grzeskowiak, L.; Heinrich, J.; Hummel, S.; Jacobsen, G.; Jones, G.; Koshy, G.; Morgen, C.; Oken, E.; et al.
2018Induction of labour for improving birth outcomes for women at or beyond termMiddleton, P.; Shepherd, E.; Crowther, C.
2018Repeat antenatal betamethasone and cardiometabolic outcomesCartwright, R.D.; Harding, J.E.; Crowther, C.A.; Cutfield, W.S.; Battin, M.R.; Dalziel, S.R.; McKinlay, C.J.
2018Role of basal cells in producing persistent lentivirus-mediated airway gene expressionFarrow, N.; Donnelley, M.; Cmielewski, P.; Roscioli, E.; Rout-Pitt, N.; McIntyre, C.; Bertoncello, I.; Parsons, D.
2018Accuracy of clinician practice compared with three head injury decision rules in children: a prospective cohort studyBabl, F.E.; Oakley, E.; Dalziel, S.R.; Borland, M.L.; Phillips, N.; Kochar, A.; Dalton, S.; Cheek, J.A.; Gilhotra, Y.; Furyk, J.; Neutze, J.; Donath, S.; Hearps, S.; Molesworth, C.; Crowe, L.; Bressan, S.; Lyttle, M.D.
2018Systematic review of maternal Placental Growth Factor levels in late pregnancy as a predictor of adverse intrapartum and perinatal outcomesSherrell, H.; Dunn, L.; Clifton, V.; Kumar, S.
2018The Health-e Babies App for antenatal education: feasibility for socially disadvantaged womenDalton,, J.; Rodger, D.; Wilmore, M.; Humphreys, A.; Skuse, A.; Roberts, C.; Clifton, V.
2018Comparison of Human Milk Fatty Acid Composition of Women From Cambodia and AustraliaGao, C.; Liu, G.; Whitfield, K.; Kroeun, H.; Green, T.; Gibson, R.; Makrides, M.; Zhou, S.
2018Effects of an antenatal dietary intervention in overweight and obese women on 6 month infant outcomes: follow-up from the LIMIT randomised trialDodd, J.; McPhee, A.; Deussen, A.; Louise, J.; Yelland, L.; Owens, J.; Robinson, J.