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2019First-line ovulation induction for polycystic ovary syndrome: an individual participant data meta-analysisWang, R.; Li, W.; Bordewijk, E.M.; Legro, R.S.; Zhang, H.; Wu, X.; Gao, J.; Morin-Papunen, L.; Homburg, R.; König, T.E.; Moll, E.; Kar, S.; Huang, W.; Johnson, N.P.; Amer, S.A.; Vegetti, W.; Palomba, S.; Falbo, A.; Özmen, Ü.; Nazik, H.; et al.
2019Endocrine characteristics, body mass index and metabolic syndrome in women with polycystic ovary syndromeLi, J.; Wu, Q.; Wang, C.; Wang, R.; Ng, E.; Liu, J.; Mol, B.; Wu, X.; Li, W.
2019Understanding what impacts on disclosing anal incontinence for women when comparing bowel-screening tools: a phenomenological studyTucker, J.; Murphy, E.; Steen, M.; Clifton, V.
2019Perinatal outcomes according to the mode of delivery in women with a triplet pregnancy in The NetherlandsMol, B.; Bergenhenegouwen, L.; Velzel, J.; Ensing, S.; van de Mheen, L.; Ravelli, A.; Kok, M.
2019Effectiveness of a 2-year post-natal nurse home-visiting programme when children are aged 5 years: results from a natural experimentSawyer, A.; Kaim, A.; Mittinity, M.; Jeffs, D.; Lynch, J.; Sawyer, M.
2019Influence of fathers' early parenting on the development of children born very preterm and full termMcMahon, G.E.; Spencer-Smith, M.M.; Pace, C.C.; Spittle, A.J.; Stedall, P.; Richardson, K.; Cheong, J.L.; Doyle, L.W.; Anderson, P.J.; Treyvaud, K.
2019Low serum levels of HtrA3 at 15 weeks of gestation are associated with late-onset preeclampsia development and small for gestational age birthTeoh, S.; Wang, Y.; Li, Y.; Leemaqz, S.; Dekker, G.; Roberts, C.; Nie, G.
2019Randomised controlled trials evaluating endometrial scratching: assessment of methodological issuesLi, W.; Suke, S.; Wertaschnigg, D.; Lensen, S.; Wang, R.; Gurrin, L.; Mol, B.W.
2019The spatio-temporal dynamics of mitochondrial membrane potential during oocyte maturationAl-Zubaidi, U.; Liu, J.; Cinar, O.; Robker, R.L.; Adhikari, D.; Carroll, J.
2019Ethnic differences in prevalence, risk factors, and perinatal outcomes of gestational diabetes mellitus: a comparison between immigrant ethnic Chinese women and Australian-born Caucasian women in AustraliaWan, C.; Abell, S.; Aroni, R.; Nankervis, A.; Boyle, J.; Teede, H.