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2019Immunogenicity and safety of a quadrivalent meningococcal ACWY-tetanus toxoid conjugate vaccine 6 years after MenC priming as toddlersNolan, T.; Booy, R.; Marshall, H.; Richmond, P.; Nissen, M.; Ziegler, J.; Baine, Y.; Traskine, M.; Jastorff, A.; Van der Wielen, M.
2019Brown adipose tissue thermogenesis in polycystic ovary syndromeShorakae, S.; Jona, E.; de Courten, B.; Lambert, G.; Lambert, E.; Phillips, S.; Clarke, I.; Teede, H.; Henry, B.
2019Anti-Müllerian hormone in PCOS: a review informing international guidelinesTeede, H.; Misso, M.; Tassone, E.; Dewailly, D.; Ng, E.; Azziz, R.; Norman, R.; Andersen, M.; Franks, S.; Hoeger, K.; Hutchison, S.; Oberfield, S.; Shah, D.; Hohmann, F.; Ottey, S.; Dabadghao, P.; Laven, J.
2019Effect of the combined oral contraceptive pill and/or metformin in the management of polycystic ovary syndrome: a systematic review with meta-analysesTeede, H.; Tassone, E.; Piltonen, T.; Malhotra, J.; Mol, B.; Peña, A.; Witchel, S.; Joham, A.; McAllister, V.; Romualdi, D.; Thondan, M.; Costello, M.; Misso, M.
2019The transgenerational effects of oocyte mitochondrial supplementationSt John, J.; Makanji, Y.; Johnson, J.; Tsai, T.-.S.; Lagondar, S.; Rodda, F.; Sun, X.; Pangestu, M.; Chen, P.; Temple-Smith, P.
2019Implications of vaginal instrumental delivery for children's school achievement: a population-based linked administrative data studyHsieh, D.; Smithers, L.; Black, M.; Lynch, J.; Dekker, G.; Wilkinson, C.; Stark, M.; Mol, B.
2019Metformin triggers PYY secretion in human gut mucosaSun, E.W.; Martin, A.M.; Wattchow, D.A.; deFontgalland, D.; Rabbitt, P.; Hollington, P.; Young, R.L.; Keating, D.J.
2019The effects of intrauterine insemination and single embryo transfer or modified natural cycle in vitro fertilization on offspring's health–follow-up of a randomized clinical trialMintjens, S.; Menting, M.; Gemke, R.; van Poppel, M.; van Wely, M.; Bensdorp, A.; Tjon Kon Fat, R.; Mol, B.; Painter, R.; van de Beek, C.; Roseboom, T.
2019Health care seeking for maternal and newborn illnesses in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review of observational and qualitative studies [version 1; peer review: 2 approved]Lassi, Z.; Middleton, P.; Bhutta, Z.; Crowther, C.
2019Variations in reproductive events across life: a pooled analysis of data from 505 147 women across 10 countriesInterLACE Study Team