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2011Free amino acid quantification by LC-MS/MS using derivatization generated isotope-labelled standardsJohnson, David Westley
2010Comparison of ventricular and intravenous lentiviral-mediated gene therapy for murine MPS VIIBielicki, J.; McIntyre, C.; Anson, D.
2012The future of human embryo culture media: or have we reached the ceiling?Zander-Fox, D.; Lane, M.
2012Developmental trajectory for production of prosody: lexical stress contrastivity in children ages 3 to 7 years and in adultsBallard, K.; Djaja, D.; Arciuli, J.; James, D.; van Doorn, J.
2010Effects of vaccination on onset and outcome of Dravet syndrome: a retrospective studyMcIntosh, A.; McMahon, J.; Dibbens, L.; Iona, X.; Mulley, J.; Scheffer, I.; Berkovic, S.
2012Oxytocin infusion regimens for induction of labour (Protocol)Budden, A.; Henry, A.; Heatley, E.
2013Early prediction of gestational diabetes mellitus in Vietnam: clinical impact of currently recommended diagnostic criteriaTran, T.; Hirst, J.; Do, M.; Morris, J.; Jeffery, H.
2012Acute tocolysis for uterine tachysystole or suspected fetal distressTran, T.; Kulier, R.; Hofmeyr, J.
2012Women with gestational diabetes in Vietnam: a qualitative study to determine attitudes and health behavioursHirst, J.; Tran, T.; Do, M.; Rowena, F.; Morris, J.; Jeffery, H.
2010Enzyme replacement therapy for mucopolysaccharidosis VI: evaluation of long-term pulmonary function in patients treated with recombinant human N-acetylgalactosamine 4-sulfataseHarmatz, P.; Yu, Z.; Giugliani, R.; Schwartz, I.; Guffon, N.; Teles, E.; Miranda, C.; Wraith, J.; Beck, M.; Arash, L.; Scarpa, M.; Ketteridge, D.; Hopwood, J.; Plecko, B.; Steiner, R.; Whitley, C.; Kaplan, P.; Swiedler, S.; Hardy, K.; Berger, K.; et al.