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2011Impact of body mass index on seminal oxidative stressTunc, O.; Bakos, H.; Tremellen, K.
2011An exploration of the communication preferences regarding genetic testing in individuals from families with identified breast/ovarian cancer mutationsRatnayake, P.; Wakefield, C.; Meiser, B.; Suthers, G.; Price, M.; Duffy, J.; Tucker, K.
2011CD14 (C-260T) polymorphism is not associated with sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) in a large South Australian cohortHighet, A.; Gibson, C.; Goldwater, P.
2011Combined Boyden-flow cytometry assay improves quantification and provides phenotypification of leukocyte chemotaxisGomez-Lopez, Nardhy Yadira; Vadillo-Ortega, Felipe; Estrada-Gutierrez, Guadalupe
2011Free amino acid quantification by LC-MS/MS using derivatization generated isotope-labelled standardsJohnson, David Westley
2011Paternal body mass index is associated with decreased blastocyst development and reduced live birth rates following assisted reproductive technologyBakos, H.; Henshaw, R.; Mitchell, M.; Lane, M.
2011Paternal diet-induced obesity impairs embryo development and implantation in the mouseMitchell, M.; Bakos, H.; Lane, M.
2011Multiple choice in the management of the menopauseMacLennan, A.; Morris, D.
2011Prediction of preeclampsia and delivery of small for gestational age babies based on a combination of clinical risk factors in high-risk womenSeed, Paul T.; Chappell, Lucy C.; Black, Michael A.; Poppe, Katrina K.; Hwang, Yuan-Chun; Kasabov, Nikola; McCowan, Lesley M. E.; Shennan, Andrew H.; Wu, Steven H.; Poston, Lucilla; North, Robyn Adele
2011Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and Inflammatory DiseasesFerrante, A.; Hii, C.