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2017Mass spectrometry-based determination of Kallikrein-related peptidase 7 (KLK7) cleavage preferences and subsite dependencySilva, L.; Stoll, T.; Kryza, T.; Stephens, C.; Hastie, M.; Irving-Rodgers, H.; Dong, Y.; Gorman, J.; Clements, J.
2017The spectrum and burden of influenza-associated neurological disease in children: combined encephalitis and influenza sentinel site surveillance from Australia 2013-2015Britton, P.; Blyth, C.; Macartney, K.; Dale, R.; Li-Kim-Moy, J.; Khandaker, G.; Crawford, N.; Marshall, H.; Clark, J.; Elliott, E.; Booy, R.; Cheng, A.; Jones, C.
2017Development and validation of measures to evaluate adolescents' knowledge about human papillomavirus (HPV), involvement in HPV vaccine decision-making, self-efficacy to receive the vaccine and fear and anxietyForster, A.; Mahendran, K.; Davies, C.; Stoney, T.; Marshall, H.; McGeechan, K.; Cooper, S.; Skinner, S.
2017Defining a set of common interprofessional learning competencies for health profession studentsO’Keefe, M.; Henderson, A.; Chick, R.
2017Influenza-associated encephalitis/encephalopathy identified by the Australian Childhood Encephalitis study 2013-2015Britton, P.; Dale, R.; Blyth, C.; Macartney, K.; Crawford, N.; Marshall, H.; Clark, J.; Elliott, E.; Webster, R.; Cheng, A.; Booy, R.; Jones, C.
2017'Is it like one of those infectious kind of things?' The importance of educating young people about HPV and HPV vaccination at schoolDavies, C.; Skinner, S.; Stoney, T.; Marshall, H.; Collins, J.; Jones, J.; Hutton, H.; Parrella, A.; Cooper, S.; McGeechan, K.; Zimet, G.
2017SCIPA switch-on: a randomized controlled trial investigating the efficacy and safety of functional electrical stimulation-assisted cycling and passive cycling initiated early after traumatic spinal cord injuryGalea, M.; Panisset, M.; El-Ansary, D.; Dunlop, S.; Marshall, R.; Clark, J.; Churilov, L.
2017Bell's palsy in children: current treatment patterns in Australia and New Zealand. A PREDICT studyBabl, F.; Gardiner, K.; Kochar, A.; Wilson, C.; George, S.; Zhang, M.; Furyk, J.; Thosar, D.; Cheek, J.; Krieser, D.; Rao, A.; Borland, M.; Cheng, N.; Phillips, N.; Sinn, K.; Neutze, J.; Dalziel, S.
2017Burden of disease and change in practice in critically ill infants with bronchiolitisSchlapbach, L.; Straney, L.; Gelbart, B.; Alexander, J.; Franklin, D.; Beca, J.; Whitty, J.; Ganu, S.; Wilkins, B.; Slater, A.; Croston, E.; Erickson, S.; Schibler, A.
2017Performance of mass spectrometry steroid profiling for diagnosis of polycystic ovary syndromeHandelsman, D.; Teede, H.; Desai, R.; Norman, R.; Moran, L.