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2010Clinical effectiveness of elective single versus double embryo transfer: meta-analysis of individual patient data from randomised trialsMcLemon, D.; Harrild, K.; Bergh, C.; Davies, M.; de Neubourg, D.; Demoulin, J.; Gerris, J.; Kremer, J.; Martikainen, H.; Mol, B.; Norman, R.; Thurin-Kjellberg, A.; Tiitinen, A.; van Montfoort, A.; van Peperstraten, A.; van Royen, E.; Bhattacharya, S.
2010Comparison of vaginal and transabdominal collection of amniotic fluid for fetal lung maturity testsWijnberger, L.; de Kleine, M.; Voorbij, H.; Arabin, B.; Engel, H.; Bruinse, H.; Visser, G.; Mol, B.
2010Economic consequences of overweight and obesity in infertility: a framework for evaluating the costs and outcomes of fertility careKoning, A.; Kuchenbecker, W.; Groen, H.; Hoek, A.; Land, J.; Khan, K.; Mol, B.
2010Endometrial thickness measurement for detecting endometrial cancer in women with postmenopausal bleeding: a systematic review and meta-analysisTimmermans, A.; Opmeer, B.; Khan, K.; Bachmann, L.; Epstein, E.; Clark, T.; Gupta, J.; Bakour, S.; van den Bosch, T.; van Doorn, H.; Cameron, S.; Giusa, M.; Dessole, S.; Dijkhuizen, F.; ter Riet, G.; Mol, B.
2010Aspirin plus Heparin or Aspirin alone in women with recurrent miscarriageKaandorp, S.; Goddijn, M.; van der Post, J.; Hutten, B.; Verhoeve, H.; Hamulyak, K.; Mol, B.; Folkeringa, N.; Nahuis, M.; Papatsonis, D.; Buller, H.; van der Veen, F.; Middeldorp, S.
2010The effectiveness of hysteroscopy in improving pregnancy rates in subfertile women without other gynaecological symptoms: a systematic reviewBosteels, J.; Weyers, S.; Puttemans, P.; Panayotidis, C.; Van Herendael, B.; Gomel, V.; Mol, B.; Mathieu, C.; D'Hooghe, T.
2010Bipolar radiofrequency endometrial ablation compared with hydrothermablation for dysfunctional uterine bleeding: A randomized controlled trialPenninx, J.; Mol, B.; Engels, R.; van Rumste, M.; Kleijn, C.; Koks, C.; Kruitwagen, R.; Bongers, M.
2010Reproducibility of the interpretation of pelvic x-ray 3 months after hysteroscopic sterilization with EssureVeersema, S.; Mol, B.; Brolmann, H.
2010Implementation of the external cephalic version in breech delivery. Dutch national implementation study of external cephalic versionVlemmix, F.; Rosman, A.; Fleuren, M.; Rijnders, M.; Beuckens, A.; Haak, M.; Akerboom, B.; Bais, J.; Kuppens, S.; Papatsonis, D.; Opmeer, B.; van der Post, J.; Mol, B.; Kok, M.
2010Individual patient data meta-analysis: a promising approach for evidence synthesis in reproductive medicineBroeze, K.; Opmeer, B.; van der Veen, F.; Bossuyt, P.; Bhattacharya, S.; Mol, B.