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2023Remittance usage for rural hometown investing in the Philippines: A mixed methods studyOpiniano, J.; Tan, Y.; Marie Rudd, D.
2022The 'drive and talk' as ethnographic methodDrew, G.; Skinner, W.; Bardsley, D.K.
2022Recentering the role of marine restoration science to bolster community stewardshipMcAfee, D.; Drew, G.; Connell, S.D.
2022“Half a flood’s no good”: flooding, viticulture, and hydrosocial terroir in a South Australian wine regionSkinner, W.; Drew, G.; Bardsley, D.K.
2021Before and Now: Arrkurla nakala, kurunga lyaata-ntamaCarty, J.
2021Lifelines and end-of-life decision-making: an anthropological analysis of advance care directives in cross-cultural contextsZivkovic, T.M.
2021Solving 'wicked problems' in the app co-design processSkuse, A.; Rodger, D.; Wilmore, M.; Humphreys, S.; Dalton, J.; Clifton, V.
2021Global health, tuberculosis and local health campaigns: Reinforcing and reshaping gender and health inequalities in Lihir, Papua New GuineaHemer, S.; Bainton, N.; McDougall, D.; Alexeyeff, K.; Cox, J.
2021Nature can heal itself: Divine encounter, lived experience, and individual interpretations of climatic changeDrew, G.; Haberman, D.L.
2021Slow infrastructures in times of crisis: unworking speed and convenienceBarlow, M.; Drew, G.
2021Water insecurity and patchwork adaptability in Bangalore’s low-income neighbourhoodsDrew, G.; M. G., D.; Jyotishi, A.; Suripeddi, S.
2021Djalu's Yidaki: bridge of soundCarty, J.; Petitjean, G.
2020Political ecologies of water capture in an Indian 'smart city'Drew, G.R.
2020The tensions between philosophies of education and critical pedagogies in neoliberal higher education: implications for learning and teaching practicesWanner, T.K.; Wanner, S.L.; Jones, A.; Olds, A.; Lisciandro, J.
2020Indigenous knowledge in a postgenomic landscape: The politics of epigenetic hope and reparation in AustraliaWarin, M.J.; Kowal, E.; Meloni, M.
2020A.B.Original, Reclaim AustraliaHutchings, S.; Rodger, D.L.; Stratton, J.; Dale, J.; Mitchell, T.
2020(Re)building home and community within and through the social housing sector: lessons from a South Australian approachTually, S.; Skinner, W.; Faulkner, D.; Goodwin-Smith, I.
2020Claiming the State: the political economy of social welfare access in rural South AfricaSkuse, A.J.; Lahai, J.I.; Ware, H.
2020Hominin introgression in Island Southeast Asia and SahulTeixeira, J.C.; 89th Annual Meeting of the American-Association-of-Physical-Anthropologists (AAPA) as published in American Journal of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (15 Apr 2020 - 18 Apr 2020 : Los Angeles, CA)
2020Liberty and order: wine and the South Australian projectSkinner, W.W.; Howland, P.; Dutton, J.