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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007A Cultural Revival and the Custom of Christianity in Papua New GuineaDundon, A.
2018"A Disappearing" or a resilient Ganga? Climate change perspectives from the HimalayaDrew, G.; Narain, V.; Barua, A.; Vij, S.
2013A lake in time: histories of ParukuMahood, K.; Carty, J.; Morton, M.; Martin, M.; Mahood, K.; Carty, J.
2011A new subhaplogroup of native American Y-Chromosomes from the AndesJota, M.; Lacerda, D.; Sandoval, J.; Vieira, P.; Santos-Lopes, S.; Bisso-Machado, R.; Paixão-Cortes, V.; Revollo, S.; Paz-Y-Miño, C.; Fujita, R.; Salzano, F.; Bonatto, S.; Bortolini, M.; Santos, F.
2016A participatory systemic approach to rural community development in VietnamHa, T.; Bosch, O.; Nguyen, N.
2017A preliminary outline of Antikirrinya bird classification: a comparative approachNaessan, P.
2012A retreating goddess? Conflicting perceptions of ecological change near the Gangotri-Gaumukh GlacierDrew, G.
2003A rural sense of place: intimate experience in planning a countryside for lifeGray, J.
2005A Sense of Place, A Place of Senses: Land and a Landscape in the West of IrelandPeace, A.
2020A.B.Original, Reclaim AustraliaHutchings, S.; Rodger, D.L.; Stratton, J.; Dale, J.; Mitchell, T.
1994Aboriginal Australia, 1788-the present: Dreamings and nightmaresSackett, L.
2001Aboriginal country groups and 'the Community of Native Title Holders'Sutton, Peter John
2018Aboriginal engagement in the northern South Australian opal industry c. 1940-1980Harding, M.
2017Aboriginal Engagement in the Northern South Australian Opal Industry, c 1940-1980Harding, M.
2001Aboriginal languagesAmery, R.; Prest, W.; Round, K.; Fort, C.
2018Acts of last resort: asylum, whistleblowing and the anthropology of secrecyReid, A.; Skuse, A.J.
1996AestheticsWeiner, J.
1996Aesthetics is a Cross-Cultural CategoryWeiner, J.
2017After lightningCarty, J.; Bradley, B.
2014Agent of bicultural balance: ganma, Yothu Yindi and the legacy of Mandawuy YunupiŋuCorn, A.