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2017The transnational migration strategies of Chinese and Indian students in AustraliaTan, G.; Hugo, G.
2012Transnational networks and identifications of Australia's Diaspora in the USAMcDougall, K.
2018Transnationalism, diaspora, and development: a purposive review of the literatureTan, Y.; Liu, X.; Rosser, A.; Yeoh, B.; Guo, F.
2012Transport for suburbia: beyond the automobile age: Paul Mees, Earthscan, London, UK and Sterling, VA, USA, 2009, xiv + 225 pp, ISBN 978 1 84407 740 3Bonham, J.
2006Transport: disciplining the body that travelsBonham, J.
2001Travel blending: Whither regulation?Bonham, J.; Ferretti, D.
2018#Trending: A reevaluation of traditional news values given Twitter through a mixed methods approachAmoroso, V.N.; Cham, N.A.; Cruz, P.M.; Monsale, C.R.; San Jose, M.G.; Opiniano, J.
2003Trends in population geographyHugo, G.; Geographie's New Frontiers 2003 (2003 : University of NSW, N.S.W.)
2000Triggers for late twentieth century reform of Australian coastal managementThom, B.; Harvey, N.
1994The turnaround in Australia: some first observations from the 1991 censusHugo, G.
2014Twenty years of pacifying responses to environmental managementJacobson, C.; Hughey, K.; Lynch, A.; Nursey-Bray, M.; O'Connell, M.; Munro, P.; Vella, K.; Whiley, D.; Dovers, S.; Carter, R.
2017A two-nation Asian phenomenological study: roles and purposes of graduate journalism education through the lens of global journalismOpiniano, J.
2005The tyranny of localism: Indigenous participation in community-based environmental managementLane, Marcus B.; Corbett, T.
1996Understanding internal migrationBell, Martin J.
2008Understanding the Health Effects of Housing: An Australian Mobility ApproachBentley, R.; Baker, E.; Australasian Housing Researchers' Conference (3rd : 2008 : Melbourne, Australia)
1995Understanding Where Immigrants LiveHugo, G.
2011Unexpected post-settlement freshening and increase in charophytes in Bombah Broadwater (Myall Lakes, New South Wales, Australia)Leyden, E.; Tibby, J.; Garcia, A.; Zawadzki, A.
2008Uni-cycle: universities fostering a culture of cyclingBonham, J.; Koth, B.; Thinking on Two Wheels Cycling Conference (01 Jan 2008 : Adelaide, South Australia)
2011A unique moment: regions and regionalism in AustraliaBeer, A.
2010Universities and the cycling cultureBonham, J.; Koth, B.