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2012AdelaideBeer, A.
2001Affirming New Directions in Planning Theory: Comanagement of Protected AreasLane, Marcus B.
2013Affordable housing and homelessness: the link for local governmentPrance, F.; Beer, A.
2008Affordable Housing in AustraliaBeer, A.; International Federation of Housing and Planning Annual Conference (2008 : Peurto Rico)
2016Ageing research in Australia: reflecting on Graeme Hugo’s four decades of contributionFaulkner, D.; Feist, H.; Lewis, J.
2004An agenda for environmental security in the Indian Ocean regionDoyle, T.
2004An agnostic view on regionalism, decentralisation and other silver bullets: a response to ThomLane, Marcus B.; McDonald, G. T.; Morrison, T. H.
2001Agricultural intensification in Indonesia: outside pressures and indigenous strategiesPotter, Lesley Marianne
2017Agricultural land underutilisation in the hills of Nepal: investigating socio-environmental pathways of changeOjha, H.; Shrestha, K.; Subedi, Y.; Shah, R.; Nuberg, I.; Heyojoo, B.; Cedamon, E.; Rigg, J.; Tamang, S.; Paudel, K.; Malla, Y.; McManus, P.
2002Agriculture as conservation: the in situ conservation of crop landraces in Switzerland, Turkey and NepalBardsley, D.; 3rd Joint Conference of the Geography New Zealand Geographical Society and Institute of Australian Geographers (01 Jan 2001 : Dunedin, New Zealand)
2008Agrodiversity in the Asia-Pacific. Connell, John and Waddell, Eric (eds.) (2007) Environment, Development and Change in Rural Asia Pacific: Between Local and Global, London: Routledge, 256 pp., US$65.00, ISBN:9780415404143Bardsley, D.
2007The amenity complex: Towards a framework for analysing and predicting the emergence of a multifunctional countryside in AustraliaArgent, N.; Smailes, P.; Griffin, T.
2012The American housing survey from a cross- national perspectiveBeer, A.
2012Améliorer la capacité d'adaptation des agrosystèmes viticoles: les apports complémentaires de la climatologie et des sciences socialesLereboullet, A.-.L.; Beltrando, G.; Bardsley, D.; Conference of the French National Committee of Geography (CNFG) (15 Mar 2012 - 17 Mar 2012 : Liège, Belgium)
1998Analyses on characteristics of economic structuring in ChinaTan, Y.
2011An analysis of arrow and string bag craft variability in the Upper Sepik and Central New GuineaFyfe, A.; Bolton, J.
2002Analysis of Regional Imbalance of Quality of Bus Service Within A CityCoffee, Neil Terence; Somenahalli Sekhar, V. C.; Yue, W. L.; Taylor, Michael A. P.; European Transport Conference (2002 : Cambridge, UK)
2001Analysis of transit system service coverage level of service using GISSekhar, S. V.; Taylor, Michael A. P.; Coffee, Neil Terence; Yue, W. L.; CUPUM Conference (2001 : Honolulu, Hawaii)
1995Antarctic Artefacts. A Selective Description and Annotated Catalogue of Artefacts in the Mawson Collection at the University of Adelaide. (Special Publication No. 1)Ferguson, R. G.
2009Anthropogenic acceleration of sediment accretion in lowland floodplain wetlands, Murray-Darling Basin, AustraliaGell, P.; Fluin, J.; Tibby, J.; Hancock, G.; Harrison, J.; Zawadski, A.; Haynes, D.; Khanum, S.; Little, F.; Walsh, B.