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2014Demographic change, differential ageing, and public policy in rural and regional Australia: a three-state case studySmailes, P.; Griffin, T.; Argent, N.
2012The demographic dilemmaHugo, G.
2009Demographic effects on the future supply of vocational skillsTan, Y.; Richardson, S.
2011Demographic impacts of the Three Gorges DamTan, Y.; Hugo, G.
1996Demographic response to restructuring and counterurbanisation in South Australia, 1981-1991Smailes, P.
1997Demographic Trends and Policy ImplicationsBorowski, A.; Hugo, G.
2005Demographic trends in Australia's academic workforceHugo, G.
2006Demographic trends in Australia's VET skills supplyTan, Y.; Australian Population Association Biennial Conference (13th : 2006 : Adelaide, Australia)
2005A demographic view of changing youth in AsiaHugo, G.
2001The demographics of the school-age populationHugo, G.
2004DemographyHugo, G.
2013The demography of ageing in AustraliaHugo, G.
2012The demography of baby boomers – Implications for public administrationHugo, G.; Institute of Public Administration Australia International Congress (2012 : Melbourne, Victoria)
2018Demography of Refugee and Forced MigrationHugo, G.; Abbasi-Shavazi, M.; Kraly, E.
2002DesertificationWilliams, M.
2002Desertification ConventionWilliams, M.
2003Desertification in Africa Asia and Australia: Human impact or climatic variability?Williams, M.
2002Desertification, definition ofWilliams, M.
1995Desertification, drought and Landcare: Australia's role in an international convention to combat DesertificationWilliams, Martin Anthony J.; McCarthy, M.; Pickup, G.
2000Desertification: general debates explored through local studiesWilliams, M.