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1995Desertification, drought and Landcare: Australia's role in an international convention to combat DesertificationWilliams, Martin Anthony J.; McCarthy, M.; Pickup, G.
2000Desertification: general debates explored through local studiesWilliams, M.
2002DesertsWilliams, M.
2006Developed country diasporas: The example of Australian expatriatesHugo, G.
2007Developing a workable model of housing need: Applying geographical concepts and techniques to a problem of public policyBaker, E.; Beer, A.
1997The development of a diatom database for inferring lake salinity, Western Victoria, Australia: towards a quantitative approach for reconstructing past climatesGell, P.
2004Development of a diatom-based model for inferring total phosphorus in southeastern Australian water storagesTibby, J.
2018Development of a southern hemisphere subtropical wetland (Welsby Lagoon, south-east Queensland, Australia) through the last glacial cycleCadd, H.; Tibby, J.; Barr, C.; Tyler, J.; Unger, L.; Leng, M.; Marshall, J.; McGregor, G.; Lewis, R.; Arnold, L.; Lewis, T.; Baldock, J.
2016The development of a spatial model of accessibility to phase 2 cardiac rehabilitation programsvan Gaans, D.; Hugo, G.; Tonkin, A.
2019Development of a spreadsheet-based model for transient groundwater modellingAnkor, M.; Tyler, J.
2019Development of an autonomous, monthly and daily, rainfall sampler for isotope researchAnkor, M.; Tyler, J.; Hughes, C.
2006Development of diatom-based tools for assessing stream water quality in south-eastern Australia: assessment of environmental transfer functionsPhilibert, A.; Gell, P.; Newall, P.; Chessman, B.; Bate, N.
2011Development of Eighteen Mile Swamp, North Stradbroke Island: a palaeolimnological studyMettam, P.; Tibby, J.; Barr, C.; Marshall, J.
2002Development of GIS Based Tools for Transit Service AnalysisSekhar Somenhalli, V. C.; Coffee, Neil Terence; Yue, W. L.; Taylor, Michael A. P.; Joint AURISA and Institution of Surveyors Conference (Nov. 2002 : Adelaide, S. Australia)
2010Development of mountain peatlands in stable equilibrium with open-channel hydraulics: A new concept in peatland formation and maintenanceNanson, R.
2004The development of university geography, 1904-1960Gale, Gwendoline Fay
2005Development, land-use change and rural resettlement capacity: a case study of the Three Gorges Project, ChinaTan, Y.; Bryan, B.; Hugo, G.
2016Development-friendly investments and entrepreneurship by overseas migrants and their outcomes: Lessons for migrants and development actorsRispens-Noel, L.; Opiniano, J.
2007A diatom species index for bioassessment of Australian riversChessman, B.; Bate, N.; Gell, P.; Newall, P.
1997Diatom-inferred salinity in palaeolakes: An indirect tracer of climate changeGasse, F.; Barker, P.; Gell, P.; Fritz, S.; Chalie, F.