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2002Forest Management Systems Evaluation: Using ISO14000McDonald, G. T.; Lane, Marcus B.
1997A forest product out of control. Gutta percha in Indonesia and the wider Malay world 1845-1915Potter, Lesley Marianne
1996Forestry in contemporary IndonesiaPotter, Lesley Marianne
2002Forests and grassland, drought and fire: The island of Borneo in the historical environmental record (post-1800)Potter, Lesley Marianne
2003Forests versus agriculture: Colonial forest services, environmental ideas and the regulation of land-use change in Southeast AsiaPotter, Lesley Marianne
2011Forgotten but not Gone: The Housing Markets of Australia's Country TownsBeer, A.; Tually, S.
2012Forgotten classics: Andrew Beer revisits Hugh Stretton's Capitalism, Socialism and the EnvironmentBeer, A.
2008Formal vs informal participatory EIA methods: a South Australian case studyClarke, B.; Harvey, N.; International Association for Impact Assessment Conference (2008 : Perth, W.A)
2014Foundations for industrial rejuvenation: lessons from international and national experienceSpoehr, J.
2014Four degrees of global warming: Australia in a hot world. Edited by Peter Christoff. Abingdon and New York: Routledge, 2014, 268 pages, paperback, ISBN 9780415824583Bardsley, D.
2009The Fragile Links between Private Rental Accommodation, Quality of Life and the Threat of Homelessness for Older PeopleFaulkner, D.
2004From 'problem city' to 'promise city': gentrification and the revitalisation of NewcastleRofe, M. W.
2002From compassion to compliance? Trends in refugee and humanitarian migration in AustraliaHugo, G.
2014From permanent settlement to transnationalism – contemporary population movement between Italy and Australia: trends and implicationsHugo, G.
2002From rural dilution to multifunctional countryside: some pointers to the future from South AustraliaSmailes, P.
2002From the grassroots: The continuing impact of crisis on export crops, farmers and forests in outer IndonesiaPotter, Lesley Marianne
2004From white Australia to Woomera. The story of Australian immigration.Hugo, G.
2004Frontiers of fear: Tigers and people in the Malay world, 1600-1950.Potter, Lesley Marianne
2011Future demographic change and its interactions with migration and climate changeHugo, G.
2004Future immigration policy development in Australia and New ZealandHugo, G.