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2011Geography and population in Australia: A historical perspectiveHugo, G.
2004Geography at the University of Adelaide, 1960-1991Smailes, P.; Griffin, T.
2004Geography in South Australian universities: future prospectsHarvey, N.; Forster, C.
2012Geography, Environment and Population at the University of Adelaide, 1904-2012Harvey, N.
2002Geologic, isostatic and anthropogenic signals affecting sea level records at tide gauge sites in southern AustraliaHarvey, N.; Belperio, A.; Bourman, R.; Mitchell, W.
2007Geology, geochemistry, and stratigraphy of the Lemudong'o formation, Kenya Rift ValleyAmbrose, S.; Nyamai, C.; Mathu, E.; Williams, M.
2008Geology, geomorphology and prehistoric environmentsWilliams, M.
2010A geospatial visualisation and chronological study of a late Pleistocene fluvial wetland surface in the semi-arid Flinders Ranges, South AustraliaGlasby, P.; O' Flaherty, A.; Williams, M.
2017Getting off the conflict treadmill: community engagement and marine park policy in South Australia, AustraliaMeyer-McLean, C.; Nursey-Bray, M.
2003The Gilbert Valley, South AustraliaSmailes, P.; Hugo, G.
2007GIS in Social and Community PlanningCoffee, Neil Terence; Australian Geography Teachers' Association Biennial National Conference (2006 : Launceston, Tasmania)
2006Global change and integrated coastal management: the Asia-Pacific regionHarvey, N.
2005Global change coastal zone management synthesis reportHarvey, Nicholas; Rice, Martin; Stevenson, Linda
2007A global labor market: Factors motivating the sponsorship and temporary migration of skilled workers to AustraliaKhoo, S.; McDonald, P.; Voigt-Graf, C.; Hugo, G.
2004A global market: the recruitment of temporary skilled labour from overseasKhoo, Siew-Ean; Voigt-Graf, Carmen; McDonald, Peter; Hugo, Graeme John
1996Global mobilityHugo, G.
2008Global sea-level rise and coastal vulnerabilityHarvey, N.; Nicholls, R.
2015The globalisation of agriculture: introducing the HandbookRobinson, G.; Carson, D.
2006Globalization and changes in Australian international migrationHugo, G.
2011Governance and Institutional Issues in Migration in AsiaHugo, G.