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2001Land and resource planning and Indigenous interests: Reproducing or transforming the social relations of resource useLane, Marcus B.; Cowell, Stuart
1996Land classification: providing an explanation for the decision making processKirkby, Stephen Denis; Bamford, Errol James; Longmore, M. E.
2000Lansia - elderly people in Indonesia at the turn of the centuryHugo, G.
2004The last million years around Lake Keilambete Western Victoria AustraliaKershaw, A.; D'Costa, D.; Tibby, J.; Wagstaff, B.; Heijnis, H.
2007A late glacial to present diatom record from Lake Euramoo, wet tropics of Queensland, AustraliaTibby, J.; Haberle, S.
2009Late pleistocene and holocene environments in the Nile basinWilliams, M.
2009Late quaternary environments in the Nile BasinWilliams, M.; Talbot, M.
2000Late quaternary environments in the White Nile region, SudanWilliams, M.; Adamson, D.; Cock, B.; McEvedy, R.
2001Late Quaternary palaeoecology, palynology and palaeolimnology of a tropical lowland swamp: Rawa Danau, West-Java, Indonesiavan der Kaars, S.; Penny, D.; Tibby, J.; Fluin, J.; Dam, R.; Suparan, P.
2001Late Quaternary sea-levels, climate change, and South Australian coastal geologyHarvey, N.; Belperio, A.; Bourman, R.
2013Late Quaternary vegetation history of North Stradbroke Island, Queensland, eastern AustraliaMoss, P.; Tibby, J.; Petherick, L.; McGowan, H.; Barr, C.
2004Latest Pleistocene and Holocene vegetation and environmental history of the Western Plains of VictoriaKershaw, A.; Tibby, J.; Penny, D.; Yezdani, H.; Walkley, R.; Cook, E.; Johnston, R.
2015Le changement climatique va-t-il déstabiliser la filière viti-vinicole dans le Roussillon?Lereboullet, A.-.L.; Beltrando, G.; Bardsley, D.; Rouvellac, E.; 25ème Colloque de l’Association Internationale de Climatologie (05 Sep 2012 - 08 Sep 2012 : Grenoble, France)
2003Leadership and community in the Gilbert Valley, South Australia: a study of resilience and regroupingSmailes, P.
2014Leadership and the governance of rural communitiesBeer, A.
2010Leadership of place in the rural periphery: lessons from Australia's agricultural marginsKroehn, M.; Maude, A.; Beer, A.
2016Learning and local government in coastal South Australia: towards a community of practice framework for adapting to global changeNursey-Bray, M.; Harvey, N.; Smith, T.
2004Leaving Australia: a new paradigm of international migrationHugo, Graeme John
2008Leaving green footprints: South Australia's strategic plan and ecological footprintWanner, T.
2003Lemudong'o: a new 6 Ma paleontological site near Narok, Kenya Rift ValleyAmbrose, S.; Hlusko, L.; Kyule, D.; Deino, A.; Williams, M.