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2004New Forms of Urbanization: Beyond the Urban-Rural DichotomyChampion, A.; Hugo, G.
1995New geochemical evidence for the Youngest Toba Tuff in IndiaShane, P.; Westgate, J.; Williams, Martin Anthony J.; Korisettar, Ravi
2004A new global migration regimeHugo, G.
2005The new international migration in Asia - Challenges for population researchHugo, G.
2003New light on the age of the White NileWilliams, M.; Adamson, D.; Prescott, J.; Williams, F.
2015A new model of river dynamics, hydroclimatic change and human settlement in the Nile Valley derived from meta-analysis of the Holocene fluvial archiveMacklin, M.; Toonen, W.; Woodward, J.; Williams, M.; Flaux, C.; Marriner, N.; Nicoll, K.; Verstraeten, G.; Spencer, N.; Welsby, D.
2004A new paradigm of international migration: implications for migration policy and planning in AustraliaHugo, Graeme John
2004A new paradigm of international migration: implications for migration policy and planning in AustraliaHugo, Graeme John
1997New paths: international perspectives in environmental management: readings from the special projects of the UNEP Fellows in the United Nations Environment Programme - University of Adelaide Graduate Certificate in Environmental ManagementWilliams, Frances M.; Carey, Jan
2007New questions in the 2006 population census: Some initial findingsHugo, G.
2007New radiocarbon dates from sapropels in three Holocene lakes of the Coorong coastal plain, southeastern AustraliaMee, A.; McKirdy, D.; Williams, M.; Krull, E.
2010New technologies: Their potential role in linking rural older people to communityFeist, H.; McDougall, K.; Howard, N.; Hugo, G.
2013New trends in migrationHugo, G.
2004New Zealanders in Australia in 2001Hugo, G.
2020The 'new' Philippine future "beside" the exodusOpiniano, J.
2007The Nile: Evolution, quaternary river environments and material fluxesWoodward, J.; Macklin, M.; Krom, M.; Williams, M.
2005Not so high and dry: examination of the patterns of 'autonomous adjustment' to major flooding events in BangladeshYounus, M.A.; Bedford, R.; Morad, M.
2008A note on an Acheulian biface from Adrar Bous, Tenere Desert, south central Sahara, Republic of NigerWilliams, M.; Glasby, P.; Blackwood, J.
2018Nurse managers and the sandwich support modelChisengantambu, C.; Robinson, G.; Evans, N.
2007The older population and changing housing careers: Implications for housing provisionFaulkner, D.