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2003Participation, Decentralization, and Civil Society: Indigenous Rights and Democracy in Environmental Planning.Lane, Marcus B.
2016Partnershps and ports: negotiating climate adaptive governance for sustainable transport regimesNursey-Bray, M.
2012The past and future of community-based forest management in the PhilippinesSuh, J.
2003Past rates of sea level changeHarvey, N.
2013Pastoralists’ knowledge of plant palatability and grazing indicators in an arid region of South AustraliaWaudby, H.; Petit, S.; Robinson, G.
2016Patterned fen formation and development from the Great Sandy Region, south-east Queensland, AustraliaMoss, P.; Tibby, J.; Shapland, F.; Fairfax, R.; Stewart, P.; Barr, C.; Petherick, L.; Gontz, A.; Sloss, C.
2000The Patterns and Trends of Indonesian Migration During the Last Three DecadesHugo, G.; Symposium on Current Policy Issues on Population Mobility, Urbanisation and Transmigration (25 May 2000 : Jakarta, Indonesia)
1995Patterns of Settlement within AustraliaHugo, G.
2008Pedalling the city: intra-urban differences in cycling for the journey-to-workBonham, J.; Suh, J.
2002Pengungsi - Indonesia's internationally displaced personsHugo, G.
2016Perceptions of bushfire risk mitigation and biodiversity conservation: a systematic review of fifteen years of researchMoskwa, E.; Ahonen, I.; Santala, V.; Weber, D.; Robinson, G.; Bardsley, D.
1995Perceptions of zoos' roles in conservation: An ongoing Australasian case studyMazur, N.
2002Periphyton and phytoplankton response to reduced dry season flows in the Daly RiverTownsend, Simon A.; Gell, Peter Andrew; Bickford, Sophia Anastasia; Tibby, John Charles; Croome, Roger; Przybylska, Malgorzata; Padovan, Armando; Metcalfe, Rodney
2010Personal branding and the commodification of reflexivityWee, Lionel; Brooks, Ann Irene
2007A philosophy of diversity for sustainable agricultural development: Responding to climate change by empowering peopleBardsley, D.
2004Phosphorus limitation of bacterial growth in high Arctic lakes and pondsGraneli, Wilhelm; Bertilsson, Stefan; Philibert, Aline
2012Pilgrimage to PontosLiddle, V.
2013Planned retreat as a management response to coastal risk: A case study from the Fleurieu Peninsula, South AustraliaNiven, R.; Bardsley, D.
2010A Pleistocene diatomite from the western piedmont of Jebel Marra volcano, Darfur, western Sudan, and its hydrological and climatic significancePhilibert, A.; Tibby, J.; Williams, M.
2007Policy implications for Australian coastal communities affected by sea-level riseHarvey, N.; Clarke, B.